Why Farm-to-Table?


It’s so wonderful to be back in NYC. Yesterday the sun was shining and I happened into the Union Square Farmer’s Market. Having just returned from the Amazon I was excited to stock up on brightly ripened peaches and heirloom tomatoes along with the necessary greens of Kale and Lettuce. I’ve come to prefer Farmer’s Market as the source of my food whenever possible. You may be wondering, “what’s the difference, why not just go to the supermarket?” But trust me, there is a BIG difference.

Humans evolved as hunter gathers, foraging for the food in the wild that was most ripe and available to eat— this is still how the natives eat in the jungle btw. Eventually settling on one plot of land allowed people to grow their own food for security and convenience. While I was in the Amazon eating the some of the sweetest fruit I had ever tasted, it reminded me about the benefits of eating food that is harvested off the land when it is ready—when it is ready is key!

In reality, Farm-to-Table cooking from local farms is the best and healthiest way to eat. Here’s why:

  • When produce ripens in nature—instead of on the shelf—it results in optimal taste. It tastes better because the natural sugars and flavors integrate up until the food ripens and is picked. Store bought produce is often picked WAY too early, WAY before it is ready to eat in order to prolong the shelf life so that it doesn’t spoil during long travel distances. Ever notice how bland some of the fruit tastes from the supermarket?
  • Produces that ripens the way nature intended results in optimal nutrition as well. Up until the fruit or veggie is picked off the vine, it continues to soak up the minerals and nutrients from the soil.
  • Local farms generally minimize the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals that inhibit the ripening process when foods are shipped from other countries.
  • Local farms grow foods that are in season and thus maximize the produce that is best suited for the growing conditions of the land, resulting in better produce and a varied diet year round to ensure complete nutrient intake.
  • It’s easier to verify that local farmers are NOT using genetically modified seeds compared to those big companies with many farms in foreign countries.
  • Supporting local farmers supports the preservation of healthy, clean food options. If big companies take over the food supply the future health of our country will be in BIG trouble.

Since I love eating Farm-to-Table so much, I’ve teamed up with Bhavani of iEatGreen this Sunday, July 27, for a Yoga & Farm-to-Table Cooking Day Retreat in Old Westbury, Long Island on the iEatGreen homestead—just 30 minutes from Manhattan. After being a guest on her radioshow iEatGreen on the Progressive Radio Network, we decided to combine our super powers to create this day retreat. The retreat is the perfect way to balance your mind, body, and spirit as you get back to nature. The day will be filled with light yoga for all levels, as well as onsite harvesting to learn more about the food growing process. Learn how to make a quick, easy, and delicious vegan and gluten-free lunch using farm-to-table ingredients— yes you will be cooking! You’ll be inspired to incorporate the wellness gems you’ll learn, and you’ll see just how good healthy really tastes!

I’m so excited for this event and it will be my last one in NYC indefinitely as I’ll be heading to the West Coast. I’m looking forward to seeing you there! More info and register at www.SummerDayRetreat.Eventbrite.com.