Quest 4: The Importance of the Feminine

One upon a time God was recognized as having a masculine AND feminine aspect. The goddess was accepted and revered just as much as was the masculine God, which we connect to the religions of the world today.

Once upon a time there were matriarchal societies where women made many of the decisions that governed the people. During the time of the goddess there was no real war happening. 


Then the feminine was oppressed. Women experienced great atrocities such as being raped and burned at the stake. New places of worship were built over goddess temples. The balance destroyed, resulting in an overly masculine society to the point of war, which we experience today.

Now is the time of the rise of the feminine. 

While experiencing the 8 quests to spiritual freedom (shared by Falco Tarassaco the spiritual guide of Damanhur community), we were instructed to just be as a way to experience the fourth quest of the feminine. 


I sat on the Earth next to a tree and did just that. It was nice to just be. In this overly masculine society of doing and acting, we need the time for gestation, a time to birth our next moves. The being is just as important as the doing. In being comes doing. We create the container for inspiration to fill our being, inevitably resulting in inspired action. 


I really miss Damanhur and all the spiritual wisdom I have gained there. Much of my three months there was spent cultivating my feminine aspect. Damanhur has been one if my greatest teachers and I look forward to returning in the spring. I invite you to join me on a retreat there in May (more info here). 

The fourth quest of the Feminine is connected to the Hall of Water in the Temple of Humankind

The fourth quest of the Feminine is connected to the Hall of Water in the Temple of Humankind

Every aspect of this physical reality has a masculine and feminine essence, even humans. In order to reach inner peace, we must be balanced in the masculine and feminine aspects. 

The feminine aspect is all about containment. The womb is a symbol for containing, containing creation and wisdom. Farsighted. 

She feels a sense of selfless service with a sense of responsibility. She is ordered and organized–a great multitasker.

She is nurturing, caring, soft, gentle and kind.

The feminine brings peace, union and harmony. She is forgiveness and compassion. 

She is sensuality, pleasure and creativity. Fertile. 

The feminine element is water. Just as she is flowing, fluid and flexible.

She is emotions and expresses them. Communicative. Vulnerable. 

The feminine is beauty, grace and sweetness, making her so attractive. 

With the rise of the feminine we are coming back to harmony with the Earth, Nature, each other and all beings and things. A new time is upon us, a time much more loving than the past. 


No matter if you are male or female, will you make your contribution in helping the feminine rise once again by nurturing and cultivating your feminine aspect. Which elements do you admire and wish to embody most in relation to the feminine?