Why I don’t post about Trump

This week I received an email from a follower asking why my posts are so positive when the world is in a "current crisis" and things are "very very very bad" and that I have my "head in the sand" and I'm not posting "anything relevant to what is going on right now." I beg to differ…


Everything I post is relevant to right now. Humanity is undergoing major transformation and evolution. Everything I post is about personal development. 

Our entire life experience begins with the self. Self love, self care. The foundation of all relationships is the relationship with ourselves. How can we expect a world of peace and harmony if individually we are not in a state of love and peace? 

All change we wish to see in the world begins with the self because life is a projection of who we are. We see what we are. The world is a projection of our internal state.


I don't post about Trump. This is true. 

It doesn't bother me that he president. He was elected by America. 

It is absolute perfection that Trump is president because he is triggering humanity in a way that is necessary for the greatest awakening to occur. By stirring the deepest anger and hate within people, this darkness is coming up to be healed. 

He is helping the evolution and illumination of humanity. People are finally waking up and feeling that change is needed. 

Indeed change is needed and it is already happening.

.The lens from which I choose to post is from a place of love not anger. I choose to focus on solutions not problems.

I choose to see the perfection and the gifts in all things. Yes I too suffer, feel anger and pain just as every other human, but I observe when this happens as an opportunity for growth. I ask myself, “Why am I feeling this way?” 

I go deeper within my soul to understand the limitations preventing me from receiving and giving more love. After years of being committed to my spiritual path I do see the world through rose colored lenses. 


I see it all–the "bad" too–but it doesn't make me angry. I don't try to control or change people or things. I've surrendered to the orchestration of life and know the only thing I can do is be the change I want to see.


This is also the way I choose to guide others. This is my life's work–elevating love and light on the planet. Join me on one of my upcoming retreats–Colorado in March, Italy in May and France in August.