This is one way to clean toxins out of the body…

I’m all about cleansing the body. I think there are safe ways to do so, and not so safe ways. This past week I did "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush" by Andreas Moritz and let me tell you… it was amazing and interesting and a first in many ways for me. I warn you this blog may be a bit graphic because I’m going to be honest about this gut cleanse so you may not want to read this while eating…

I’m not going to give you the directions for the cleanse, I recommend buying the book and following the very specific instructions. I will, however, give you an overview and share my experience. Then you can decide for yourself if it’s something you want to do.


Keep in mind, I’m not one of those cleanse every week kind of people. It’s rare that I’m intrigued enough to want to try a cleanse. In fact, this is my first cleanse. I don’t really agree with full on juice cleanses because they can break down our needed muscle tissue and I never really felt my body needed one because I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. This was the first one I was ever called to do, and I will do it again.


Why cleanse the liver and gallbladder?

The liver and the gallbladder are major organs necessary for the proper digestion of foods. Throughout the years we accumulate stones in these organs due to toxins and crap we eat. Even if you currently eat super clean and healthy like I do, you will still have stones because you didn’t eat perfectly clean your whole life. There was a time before we knew about the damage caused by processed foods, preservatives, GMOs, metal cavity fillings, vaccinations, and more.

Many things in our environment and certain eating habits make us susceptible to stones.  When the liver is clogged with stones it affects all of our organ systems because it affects our digestion (the way we get nutrition) and our lymphatic system (the way things circulate in the tissues).

By ridding the liver and gallbladder of these stones we can:

  • help with EVERY SINGLE medical condition or symptom
  • increase our energy levels
  • make us look younger
  • improve our overall sense of well-being.

Personally I didn’t have any condition I was trying to improve, I just felt like it would be a good idea given all the stuff I was exposed to growing up as mentioned above.

What does it entail?

The week is pretty easy, except for Day 6 and 7.

  • Five days of natural vegan, organic eating (nothing processed, no refined sugars). This was super easy for me because I mainly eat a plant-based diet.
  • Food is recommended to be warm or room temperature, also something I recommend for the majority of eating (unless it’s raw foods to prevent perishing) because our intestines don’t really like ice-cold things, this isn’t how things are found in nature.   
  • Drinking 8oz of tart cherry juice spread throughout the day to loosen up the stone with the natural malic acid content found in this juice.
  • Hydrate with water and eat regularly for the first five days and continue to hydrate well on Day 6 and 7.
  • Best to be done on the new moon (NOT full moon because we retain fluid during this time) and when ladies are NOT on their moon cycle.
  • Best to time it so that Day 6 falls on a Friday or Saturday or whenever you don’t have any commitments or work because you will be using the bathroom quite often.
  • Cleaning out the colon on Day 6 and Day 8. A colonic is the best method (see my experience below). Cleaning out the colon prevents nausea and allows the stones to pass more easily, and on Day 8 it flushes out the remaining stones in the colon so that the body doesn’t digest them and absorb the toxins.
  • Day 6 fasting begins around 1:30pm
  • Day 6 at 6pm begins the bathroom. This is when I drank the first cup of a series of perfectly timed concoctions, including Epsom salt water, olive oil and grapefruit juice. The series is perfectly timed (as to why purchasing the book is recommended) and continues into Day 7.
  • Pooping your brains out, at least it was mainly water for me given the colonic.

The interesting parts…

Experiencing a colonic for the first time was definitely interesting. The place I went to, Fluid Therapy in NYC, had a “Rolls Royce” colonic machine that did the whole thing; there wasn’t a person in the room with me. Yes, the wonderful staff helped me get set up and checked on me now and then, but I had my privacy. The lights were dim and nice music played. I felt like I was at the spa— peace and quiet.

The tube that went up the backside was so small I couldn’t even feel it once it was in (patients put it in themselves so don’t worry if you’re shy). And then you just lay there as sterile water rinses out the gunk caked on the walls of your colon. I’ve never experienced a colonic with a technician doing it, however, this experience wasn’t bad at all, kind of enjoyable in fact. Apparently people love colonics so much they get them regularly, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I feel that way, however, I will return for the next liver gallbladder flush.


The Epsom salt solution was so gross. Yuck! I cringe thinking about it. It tasted like drinking chemicals. I had to hold my nose while I gulped it down. This is the solution that makes you run to the toilet every so often because it is a laxative and it dilates the colon and vessels in the liver.


The grapefruit and olive oil mixture was actually tasty to me. Reminded me of a summer salad with grapefruit in it. Yum!


Picture of stones found on the Internet. My stones were also all different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Picture of stones found on the Internet. My stones were also all different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Passing the stones was so crazy! It’s like marbles were falling into the toilet. I kind of wish I took more than one picture. Some people I know who’ve done it asked me if I took them out of the toilet to examine them. No I didn’t, admiring them in the toilet was enough for me.


I was pretty weak Day 7, so don’t make any plans. I had to keep running to the bathroom that day too— the contents I passed were mainly liquid until I began eating again. It finally subsided by the evening and I had a nice long night of sleep.


The next day I woke up euphoric! I was so happy on cloud 9 running all over the city seeing clients, had another colonic, went shopping, farmer’s market, you name it! And I even went to a great party that night, and it was one of the best nights ever.


The second colonic released some more stones. It’s very important to cleanse out the colon after the flush or else the body will digest the stones and absorb the toxins.


Lasting effects...

Since then I’ve felt really great and energized. No complications. It is recommended to continue a flush at least each month until no stones are passed in order to fully clean out the liver and gallbladder so that all the toxins being stored can be released. My travel schedule will determine my next scheduled flush— it’s something I’ll definitely be doing again.

Do I recommend this flush? YUP! The book is also great for providing information about all the ways in which toxins enter our bodies from cavity fillings to canned foods! I highly recommend it!