Give thanks AND forgive, especially today.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

To be honest, I cringe a bit when I think of what this holiday was truly intended to celebrate. 

Maybe that’s why I’m a bit of a rebel with public holidays and tend to spend them traveling or in very nontraditional ways. After lunch with friends, we’re renting a Jeep convertible and heading to Death Valley and the Ancient Grove of the Bristlecone Pine Trees for a few days. I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit these powerful places and sleep under the wild desert full moon.


It’s been so long ago, that the true history of Thanksgiving has been distorted and forgotten. I choose to remind people of the reality of this “holiday” so that history doesn’t repeat itself. It’s a marker for the pillage and genocide that the Native Americans suffered.

The thought of it stirs emotions within me, mainly anger and disbelief that humans can treat each other in such a way. I feel I lived during that time as a Native American and a part of me still feels it. Perhaps that’s why I live in Topanga, previous land of the Tongva tribe. Bringing healing to this land is one way I do my part to help heal this karmic wound. 

Yesterday I guided my Wednesday evening class through a forgiveness meditation. Studies show that those who hold onto anger and resentment and don’t forgive are more likely to suffer heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, and other chronic diseases. 

As I scanned my life I truly felt that I had forgiven everyone and everything. But I realize now that I didn't go into past lives. I had no idea that writing this post would stir a part of me that desires healing. I choose to forgive this incident from my past life and I look forward to doing so with a fire ritual under the full moon sky this evening.

I send these messages of love on Thanksgiving as a sweet reminder to share your gratitude with those you love. Initiate a moment around the dinner table and allow everyone to express what they are most grateful for. It’s always such a beautiful practice that creates deeper connection (even if people groan about it to begin–don’t let it stop you!). 

Send a message of love and gratitude to those near and dear to you. This is actually a practice I do everyday with my clients where we text each other the top 3 things we are grateful for as a way to cultivate higher states of emotions and to attract more goodness into our lives. I invite you to do the same with friends and family!

This Thanksgiving I have an extra invitation for you–forgive a situation in your life that has been causing you pain and grief. Or at least be willing to see things differently on the path towards forgiveness. 

Remember that everyone is doing their best in every moment including you. Let it go. Pardon the others. Forgive, not for them, but for you, because your health and happiness depend on it. There’s no need to keep carrying around this poison and baggage of past grudges. Set yourself free. Forgiveness is a radical act of self love. 

Wishing you a beautiful day full of gratitude, love and forgiveness. 

With love,

Dr. Nikki Starr