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Give thanks AND forgive, especially today.

Happy Thanksgiving! To be honest, I cringe a bit when I think of what this holiday was truly intended to celebrate. It’s been so long ago, that the true history of Thanksgiving has been distorted and forgotten. I choose to remind people of the reality of this “holiday” so that history doesn’t repeat itself. It’s a marker for the pillage and genocide that the Native Americans suffered. So perhaps today is also about forgiveness too…

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Follow your heart... Or else  

Those who follow their heart are happy. One way to define happiness is living life guided by your heart.
Your heart is an intelligence. It’s the compass of your soul. Your heart longs for and desires that which you are meant to have, do and be in life. If you follow your heart you’ll be happy, life will be sweeter and you’ll love more. If you don’t follow your heart...

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7 Ways Desire Enhances Life, BUT Beware these 7 Undesirable Habits

Even for us spiritual folks, desire is a good thing in our lives. Desire is the magnet that pulls goodness, events and people into our lives. Check out these 7 reasons why desire is important in our lives. As well as 7 undesirable habits when desire gets out of control! AND these great tips to transcend them to uplevel you happiness!



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8 Easy Ways to Get Unstuck

There may be times in our lives when we find ourselves feeling stuck. Not making the “right” choices in order to move forward and enhance our lives. Why? Many reasons including being addicted to certain emotions, programmed beliefs about ourselves and the world, living the same life everyday, doing the same thing with the same people. Check out these 8 easy ways to get unstuck!

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Overcome the Struggle: The Essential 3

The struggle is a part of the journey. The greatest stories of all time involve a major struggle to overcome. Don't worry, you're not alone! We will all face struggle–it’s a natural part of life. We need to experience struggle in order to experience joy. Check out three essential elements in overcoming struggle.

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Learn From the Elders: 5 Ways to Avoid Aging and Disease

A wise old man once told me, “You gotta keepa movin’!” in his heavy Italian accent. Elders are the wise ones. They have the life experience to be an example with many lessons learned. Even if they don’t claim to be or appear to be wise, we can observe their lives and draw our own conclusions. Inspired by the elders, check out these 5 ways to avoid aging and disease.

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Sadness–It Serves a Purpose: The Depth of Feeling is The Pulse of Life

Beware, this one is raw-I really share myself with you. Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable due to the overwhelming comments and messages inspired by last week's post–It's OK to Feel Sad. As promised, here is part two. May this piece allow the emotions rising to the surface within us to be expressed and released as they so wish to be. Expression-not suppression-is meant for this human experience.

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Insight at 30: 12 Wisdoms Gained in the Solitude of Nature

I chose to spend my 30th birthday facilitating my own personal vision quest. Most notably, this time was spent in nature–in silence and solitude. I quieted my being to listen to the wisdom of the universe and the messages were bountiful. These 12 insights have shifted my perspective on life, creating more peace, love, and surrender in the process. Which of these 12 insights most resonates in your life? #12 was the biggest for me! 

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Thoughts Post Lightning in a Bottle: 7 Ways to Enhance The Human Experience

I have come to appreciate the environment of festivals because they offer a unique space for life reflection and relating to others. Generally they create a space for people to come together and connect. Hearts tend to be more open than in everyday life. This offers a mirror to look within at where we are, where we’d like to go, and what we wish to shed and embody. Perhaps these seven reminders will resonate with you in some way to cultivate a more peaceful, connected existence, offering assurance on this journey through the human experience. 

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A Kiss with Death: Surrendering to the Sea

“HELP! PLEASE HELP ME!” I began to panic. The waves kept coming and I could barely keep my head above the water. My feet longed for the bottom of the sea, but I was too far removed from the safety of the shores. I was at the mercy of the wrath of the ocean. It was the biggest swell of the year, and in the blink of an eye, a rip tide pulled me out to sea. This is how quickly life happens.

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The Truth About Worrying

I’m going to get vulnerable in this post. I struggle most with surrendering and trusting in the process of life. As many of you know, I’ve lived many lives this lifetime and the adventure only continues with greater twists and challenges. Despite being optimistic and quite the dare devil when it comes to living life, I still worry. 

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An inspiring email from a client...

Last night I received this email from a client and former Initiate...
"Hi Nikki!
I was reading my affirmations from the course again recently, including part of the email you sent back when I needed help structuring them. You had said:  

“It is important for you to find clarity about what your purpose and passions are and then figure out from there where to go...

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Labels Shmabels. There are more than 50 shades of Gray.

Labels place us in neat, constricting boxes—Black, White, Christian, Hindu, Gay, Straight, Married, Single, Male, Female, Womanizer, Romantic, blah, blah, and so the labels continue on. But there are more than 50 shades of gray, and in reality everything is spectrum. Did you know that white light is really all the colors of the rainbow? If natural elements exist in more than one form and are constantly evolving with time, how can we not expect the same for people? 

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I Get Lost in the Sky

This morning I awoke with a gasp to the stifling summer heat in the air. I rolled over and saw it was 4:30am. A smile spread across my face because I knew the sun had yet to begin her ascent. I grabbed a sweater and climbed the winding staircase to the rooftop. The warm breeze kissed my legs as I stepped out onto the terrace. There, dazzling in front of me, was the Manhattan skyline— a concrete jungle full of dreams and chaos. “Oh the love/hate relationship I have with this city,” I thought for a moment, and then as the sunrise began, the pink lights in the sky robbed all of my attention.

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