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With love in the air this week, I couldn’t help but be inspired by love for this week’s blog post.  This past year especially, I’ve come to truly ponder the meaning of love AND holidays. As for holidays, it’s not about having to spend money or buy gifts to celebrate. It’s much deeper than this. And so is love. The undertone to each and every holiday is love. Love for one’s self and love for each other.


This Valentine’s Day was a mixture of time spent with friends and time spent solo. There was both intimacy and solitude. I felt free and loved. Mostly, I felt content. As I’ve evolved my perception of such this day, as well as with all “holidays,” has shifted tremendously, for this was not always the case…



There existed a time when the material was important to me. Where this holiday of love meant wining, dining, and gifts. I wanted nothing more than to be spoiled and I was, or else! When my desires weren’t met I’d become upset and angry. I once measured love in the superficial.


In the days when my reality was attached love, this day was the anniversary to an 8-year partnership. This day was of utmost importance, as if we didn’t already shower each other with experiences, love, and material possessions all of our days together.


Just a few years ago I felt anger and pain when another partner didn’t make dinner reservations to celebrate the day. Comically, the second biggest portion of our time spent together was wining and dining. I bet you can guess what the first was…


I share from this vulnerable space as a gentle reminder of the true essence of holidays. They are about love and appreciate for life. I am especially grateful there is a day to celebrate love, reminding those who have forgotten.


Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 8.20.52 AM.png

This Valentine’s Day, I realized there was an even deeper meaning—self-love. When we love ourselves, our capacity to love others is effortless and infinite.  The expression of the pure, healing essence of love is achieved simply by being.


This holiday I realized how in love I am with myself and oh how fulfilling it is. I am content. I am overflowing with love. Looking back this wasn't always the case and I wasn't even aware of it. The key ingredient to a happy life is self-love. This is where happiness is found… Me/You/We are solely responsible for our personal happiness—no one else. 


My wish is for the celebration of love to happen not only today, but also everyday and in every moment. The act of celebrating love has hardly anything to do with the glitz and the glam. It’s about thoughtfulness and gratitude for all that was, all that is, and all that will ever be.


What does love mean to you?

How do you express love?

What love language do you speak?

Does the love in your life bring you peace, joy, and happiness?

How do you define love in five words?

Does love pull you forth, inspiring you from the depths of your soul?



To me, love is pure, compassionate, unconditional, passionate and inspiring. Love exists from the purity of the heart. Love is understanding, and exists without expectations, ulterior motives, if, ands, or buts


Why not live every moment in love? Why not feel love flow through you with every breath? Why not have every action be in devotion to love? Why not celebrate those you love every day? Why not experience each moment overflowing with love?


Imagine a world beaming with the fragrance of love—every sight, every act, every thing—radiating pure love. How much more precious would life be if love exuded from every nook and cranny, every person, place and thing?


Perhaps it already is? 


Perhaps your perceptions and proceedings can join in on the love train? For after all, there is love all around you. What you seek is seeking you.



Basque in love for all things that bring a smile to your face. Appreciate all things/experiences/people that touch your heart, and all the goodness in your life. 

Spread love at every opportunity. Sprinkle love everywhere you go with random acts of kindness, a smile, or a hug. Love is contagious. Love is healing. Love is inspiring. Love creates miracles.

Choose love. Be love with every word and gesture. Perform outrageous acts of love just because. Be outrageously in love, for it will spread out into the world—elevating and inspiring those around you to spread love too!