An inspiring email from a client...

Last night I received this email from a client and former Initiate...
"Hi Nikki!
I was reading my affirmations from the course again recently, including part of the email you sent back when I needed help structuring them. You had said:  

It is important for you to find clarity about what your purpose and passions are and then figure out from there where to go. Digging deep and going within with meditation will begin the path for you along with other insightful experiences like travel, yoga, trying new things, and meeting new people. You have to get uncomfortable and start seeing things from a different perspective in order to find out what your purpose is.

"After the retreat experience, rereading  it, especially that last sentence, I felt like it really clicked and understood. It was really powerful to see your words and think about them in a new light. I just wanted to share that with you. 

"I miss you and all of the retreat participants a lot! I can feel the tugging in the wrong direction and my rationalizations / fears / society expectations getting stronger back in the "real world".  First few days back I still had the strong clarity from the retreat but it is getting clouded again these days. But I am grateful that I can think back to the experience to remind myself. 

"Last thought - I also love the quote you posted recently:"


I share this email with you because it affected me when I read it. It also couldn't have come at a more appropriate time because registration for the next session of the Initiation Course™ has officially opened today.

 I've changed this woman's life. This is my work, and still I have moments where I forget how powerful it is. This client has taken both The Initiation Course™ and attended the Nicaragua Retreat and let me tell you, she is very different from the woman I first encountered. 

Life is about living and experiencing. How much LIVING are you doing in this moment? How much are you living from your heart? Are you feeling fulfilled? Are you happy with life? I don't expect you to have all the answers but I do offer empowering tools that can ignite passion and inspiration in your being so that you can realize what it is you want this life and how to make it a reality. 

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