A Life Message on this Day of the Dead

If you knew you were going to die next week, can you honestly say you’re living life to the fullest? Living everyday like it’s your last?

Are there any decisions you’ve been challenged by and if so, I invite you to make the choice from the mindset and perspective, “If I knew I was going to die next week then I choose…”

Makes quite the difference huh?

Some people live in the past, in the future or not at all. Living is about experiences. About taking advantage of every moment. About creating special moments with people we love. 

Who would you hug and spend time with if you knew you were going to die next week?

My wish for all of us is to live each day and moment like it was our last–to the fullest. And if this were the case what would you do differently today? Go do it!

Sometimes we forget how finite this existence is. That time flies. 

We put things of an procrastinate as if later will always be there, but will it?

Sometimes our inspirations are there for that moment, but that moment is dependent upon who we are at that given moment in time and it can expire. So later is not always an option. 

We die many times within our one life. How many lives do you feel you’ve lived in this life? 

I know for me it’s many. They say about every 7 years we enter into a new chapter. Perhaps this has been so for you?

During this time of spiritual awakening on the planet, many of us are evolving at a rapid rate and that means to really cherish each moment because each moment is special, a miracle, perfectly placed in your timeline for you greatest evolution. 

It’s a practice to be in the moment. To cherish and savor a moment. Even the painful and challenging times, they too will pass. Sometimes we rush things or prematurely end things. Instead of enjoying the natural timeline our lives wish to take. 

Even the people in our lives have a natural timelines. Relationships, no matter how they have ended are not something to be attached to or to hold on to, but rather are best to be remembered like fond memories with great lessons and blessings. For they are teachers on our journey and as we grow and change so do the relationships that play a significant role in our lives.

Oftentimes in personal sessions and group meditations I guide, many people have moments of contact with their loved ones who have passed on. Every single time this happens, the experience is rich and fulfilling as if these people who passed on are now like guardian angels with special messages to share. 

Most people share that their loved ones who have passed on are happy and wish for them to get on with their life too. Those in the beyond are not scared but rather their souls are now having a new experience, so it is best we allow them to move on to the things they need to do. This is where the saying “rest in peace” comes from–we must allow them to rest in peace. 

Today, may you remember your beloveds, family and friends who have passed on and fondly remember the positive mark they’ve made in your life. Wish them well. Send them love.

Wishing you a Happy Day of the Dead.