What rules are you playing by? Elevate Your Existence.

There are countless ways to make sense of reality. That’s what every philosophy, religion and spirituality attempts to do. Ultimately they can all be right. And there are many overlapping principles. 

The key to succeeding at this game of life is finding a set of rules that resonates most with you and playing by those rules. Of course at any time someone can come along and completely change your mind. As we grow, evolve and have new experiences this often happens. 

I have a client who really vibes with Buddhism and for him a simple life in service is best (which parts of me too resonate with and have lived monk like ways in this life and I’m sure in others too), but he grew up Catholic (as did I), and in these months of knowing him I have seen some transformations in his thoughts and ways of being towards the empowered magician philosophy (perhaps as his coach I played a role in this). 

We can view this change of perspective as reprogramming a new operating system. Usually people are operating under that which they inherited from their parents and cultures they were born into. Then upon having new life experiences, something or someone is a catalyst in changing their mind. 

After all my travels and studies around the world, I have chosen to play by the rules that humans are creator beings and have the ability to create and be anything we wish. What determines our abilities and capacity to do so is our energy which manifests through our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. When I work with people, this is the framework we operate from. 

We have the power to think anything we choose to. The mind is like that giant computer and we have the power to delete and upload thoughts and belief systems just like software programs.

1.The first step in this process is awareness. First is realizing there are thoughts and patterns that are limiting your life experience. Then it’s knowing that it’s possible to upgrade them is key. Practices like meditation, especially specific kinds, hone this skill of self awareness where you can actually step aside from your mind and see that your thoughts are not you. Strengthening the observer you supports your personal development and they way you respond to the world.

2. From here other practices can help to clear the mind and cleanse the energy field of whatever is not yours and whatever is not serving you because as social mammals we absorb and download from the environment around us. 

3. Then from here you can enhance and up level your energy and thoughts to that which you wish them to be. This is when you step into your power and really begin to create a life you love, which of course can be one of service too. 

Learning how to have the Universe support you and work in your favor is key and it depends upon your thoughts and every choice you make. From where you live to your environment to who you keep company with to how you keep your space to the clothes you wear and the way you carry your body and the goals you set and the clarity with which you see the direction of your life–everything plays a role in the creation of you life. 

My work is about supporting people in becoming empowered creators and magicians for invincible living so that they can create any life they wish and live their true purpose in a fulfilled and happy way. 

This November, live in Los Angeles I’m hosting a workshop series–Elevate Your Existence–at Ceremony Meditation in Venice Beach with the option to live stream for those who are not physically able to attend. This 4 week series, which will also be an online journey with a classroom and resources will share meditation practices and energetic activations to up level your life in every way. This experience will also be a deep healing and tap you into benevolent energies that support you in the co-creation of a life you love. No experience necessary. Just a desire to learn, grow, transform, awaken more of your gifts and love your life. 

To attend in person in Los Angeles click here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=431467&stype=-8&sView=day&sLoc=0&date=11/04/18

For the live stream reservation click here: https://drnikkistarr.com/empower/elevate