Living Beyond Injustice

Though injustice is a part of life, I feel we have the capacity to transform it and prevent it from happening. We can write a new future much different from the wars, crimes and other atrocities suffered throughout human history. It is happening right now in everyday life, perhaps you are a part of the injustice as the protagonist or the antagonist. 


Just last week a few situations that touched me so deeply that I felt the importance of sharing about with the intention to heal this aspect of human interactions and dynamics. I observed people lying to each other, a woman being outcasted and taking all the blame for sharing intimate space with a man despite it taking two to tango, a man speaking condescendingly and rudely to another man, people gossiping about each other regarding things that weren’t even true, etc. Witnessing an injustice and not being able to do anything about it can be just as traumatizing as having lived one.


What can we do? Perhaps it seems like a helpless cause. If you are reading this you are someone who has the desire to create a better Earth, you have a desire for more love and connection in life. 


If you’d like to be a part of the change, there is something you can do–hold space and project love. Be a pillar of light and love. This may sound woo woo, but energy is real and it affects those around you. You have the power to be an example for others. Remember that everyone is doing his/her best in every moment so you have the power to be a compassionate light and speak up in the face of injustice. 


In my work sessions, people share past and present situations full of injustices. Some don’t even have to speak the words because I can feel the injustices they have lived in their energy field. Some people are carrying the injustices of their family and ancestors too. 


As an empath, I feel the emotions of those around me, even more with those I work with. Sometimes I cry for people helping them move emotions they’ve been suppressing. The release of this pain is important for their growth and evolution.  


Last week I had a session with a young man and though his eyes were bright and he wore a smile on his face, after the energy healing I asked him, “Why are you so sad?” 

He threw his head back and rolled his eyes and replied, “Ah, so much.” 

Tears began to fill my eyes, “Have you cried?” I asked. 

“No.” He said. 

And then I began to weep. 

We talked some more while I cried his tears, and at the end of the session and the next day I asked, “How do you feel?”

Both times he replied, “Lighter.”


For the last few years he’s been living in state of paralysis in fear of growing up, in fear of the world, fearful of his great responsibilities. He’s lived a sheltered life and based on his numerology, which I shared with him, he is a powerful soul here to do great, important work. Yet the trauma he has suffered witnessing numerous injustices around him has paralyzed him from taking action and living his life. 


Injustice is unfortunately a part of this current human existence. Since we live in a world of duality, everything exists. Good and bad. Happiness and sadness. Part of the gift of being human is feeling the full spectrum of emotions. 


What makes all the difference is how we process every experience, especially the challenging ones.


I had a Skype session with another young this week. He was quite ambitious with many dreams, having lived many experiences and having changed his life several times, which I was proud to hear. I could feel the warrior within him, and also the sadness too. He alluded to difficult childhood times and shared a beautiful dream to create an organization to support kids in need. 


This young man was quite different from the other in that he was taking action to change his life. He had a list of dreams he wished to realize all inspired by the injustices he lived.  


Perhaps you’ve been a victim of an injustice. Unfortunately, most of us have. From one perspective, it is an opportunity for us to rise above the situation and connect it with our sense of purpose. Usually the wounds we have suffered are teachers that play a role in our purpose and mission. 


Over time as we begin to heal from these challenging moments, we have the choice to shift from the victim to the protagonist and step into action to create our reality. Our experience with injustice, or any trauma, especially how we heal/are healing to live beyond them, is part of how we can help others.


Remember, whenever you witness an injustice, send love and choose to be an example. Whenever you experience an injustice, may you turn it into an a learning opportunity for growth, and in time help others who are healing through the same thing. 


My greatest wish is for all people to heal beyond the injustices lived and for them to become opportunities that help us create a different future for humanity, a brighter future. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perception. 


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