Cultivate the Mother in You (Men Too)

Whether you are a man or a woman, whether you’ve never had children nor ever intend to–you have the essence of a mother in you. May you celebrate and cultivate this part of you because it’s an important part–it enhances all aspects of your life. 

What is the ultimate mother to you? Whatever you can think of–she is in you.

The mother in you is all loving, compassionate and forgiving. She is kind, caring and generous. Ever giving, just as our Mother Earth. She gives from a place of service, genuinely wanting to help others as she would her children. She is soft and sensitive, listens deeply with understanding. These ways of being, you are too.



The mother in you is the healer in you that soothes and nurtures. She is the shoulder to lean on and is there when you need her. She gives hugs and sweet caresses, offering support without trying to fix or change anything. She is the hospitable part of you, acts of service with love, such as cooking delicious meals and washing clothes for loved ones just because. These sweet, welcoming, nourishing characteristics live within you. 


The mother in you sees the highest potential in all situations, especially in people as she would with her children. She gives compliments to support others in seeing their gifts too. She finds solutions and has an optimistic outlook. Imagine, and even remember, how you’ve influenced the life of others by seeing the beauty in others, sharing it with them and holding space for their blossoming.


The mother in you is the multitasker. she knows how to take good care of herself and also of the others. She plans well, executing her tasks in a calm and peaceful way. She knows when to say no and when to say yes. She is a super woman, she gets it all done and still finds time to relax and enjoy time with her loved ones. May you cultivate these aspects already in you even more so that you can enjoy life with your loved ones even more. 


The mother in you is the part of you that gives birth to all that you wish to create and do in life. Gestating your thoughts and ideas until it is time to give birth to that which you wish to create. And you continue to care for creations as they mature until they become your masterpieces, just as you would your children. The mother in you is the part that allows your dreams to become reality. 

All of these aspects in you enhance connection and all of your relationships.

Anything else you can think of as the ultimate mother lives in you too. Imagine what else you wish your mother could have been, you have these aspects in you too.

It begins with awareness and the intention to cultivate these aspects in yourself. The greater self awareness we have the more we can choose to act in a different way from our typical habits, behaviors, reactions and ways of being. May you cultivate these ways of being as seeds that continue to grow and blossom, sharing them with your loved ones and the world in all of your relations and creations. 

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