A Summer Solstice Ritual

Happy Summer Solstice! Happy Sun Day!

Today is the day to celebrate light, life and the first day of Summer! Summer solstice is the lightest day of the year and in some parts of the world it never gets completely dark. I remember celebrating Summer Solstice in Sweden some years ago and I was amazed by how the sky was lit all night.

Today also a day to give thanks to the Sun. It's the greatest life force for our planet. The light of the sun feeds all plants, and it’s food for us too. We absorb the photons through our eyes and through our skin we begin the production of Vitamin D. Without the energy of the Sun our planet would not have the rich biodiverse life that makes this planet so special.

How will you celebrate today? Over the years on Solstice I’ve celebrated in many different ways. Usually go to Nature, participate in a sweat lodge, host a women’s circles and for the past two years I've been in Damanhur community where people come from all over the world to celebrate this special day together.

Today is also a very powerful day energetically–use it wisely. Connect with the diving loving forces to add power and energy to magnify whatever you are creating in the moment. if you aren’t planning on going to any rituals, take time to do your own personal ritual. See below for one I've created just for you!



Here is a simple, two part ritual to help you make the most of the powerful energies present today. All you need is a space in Nature, a candle, lighter, piece of paper and pen. 


Part I:

  • Find an inviting space in Nature. If you’re in a city go to a park. Invite a friend or a few. 
  • Lay down on the Earth in the Sun. If you’re sensitive to the sun cover your face as well as you can.
  • Feel the support of the Earth beneath you and take a few deep breaths to relax into the Earth. Feel yourself grounding and let go of whatever is weighing you down. 
  • Take time to feel the energy of the Sun. Turn your palms up to face the sun and for a moment, if you covered your face, allow your face to be exposed to the sun too.
  • Imagine inhaling the sun through every part of your body especially through your palms and your eyes behind your eyelids. 
  • With your awareness, as you absorb the energy of the sun, move to all over your body from beginning and your feet, moving up your legs to your pelvis, torso, chest and all the organs inside, your back, arms, neck and head as well. With as much detail and awareness to every part of your being as you wish. 
  • See and feel every part of your body, every cell, space, hair, tissue and fluid illuminated with the light of the Sun. 
  • Take a deep inhale and hold it for as long as you can to integrate the energy into your being.
  • As you exhale feel your gratitude for the revitalizing energy of the Sun. 


Part II: (feel free to add any other steps you wish)

  • You can stay where you are or move under a tree to have some shade from the sun. 
  • You can sit on a blanket or a towel or continue sitting on the Earth. 
  • Create an altar with any items you wish, including a candle. 
  • Light the candle and call upon the divine forces of light and unconditional love support in realizing whatever goal, project or intention you are working on a the moment. 
  • Write this goal down on a piece of paper and pick a date by which you wish for it to be so. 
  • Then in advance, thank the divine forces for their help in manifesting you goal, which you read aloud. 
  • Then close your eyes and visualize yourself in the future having succeeded in the realization of this goal. See where you are, what you're wearing, who you’re with and how it feels to see the details of your goal as a part of your reality. Give thanks again. 
  • Take a deep inhale and then sit in a meditation for up to 20 minutes opening yourself to receive any wisdom, guidance or insight about how to realize you goal with grace and efficiency. 
  • When you feel completely bring your hands in a prayer position in front of your heart space in gratitude, saying “Let it be so and so it is. Thank you.”
  • Snuff out the candle. 
  • Your ritual is complete. 


Please share in the comments section how the ritual went for you and anything noteworthy you experienced.