Living Beyond Time

This past week was my birthday. Happy birthday to me! :)

Though I’m quite young, a year ago I decided to stop sharing my age. 


“Why?” Some of you may be thinking. “That’s weird.” Others may be thinking. 


There are several reasons influencing this decision:

  • Time
  • Thoughts
  • Collective Consciousness
  • Expectations
  • And more…

Did you ever notice yourself saying you can't do this or that because of your age?

Wisdom and life experience can’t be measured in Earth years (aka our age).

As someone who’s traveled the world, completed extensive education (through medical school), appeared on national television, witnessed the birth of life and the arrival of death, loved and experienced A LOT–my age is an injustice to the knowledge, skills and experience I’ve accumulated in this lifetime. 

The mystery of my age has been SO helpful! While traveling, people who know nothing about me think I’m 19! In my work space, some wonder if I’m nearing 40. Being a chameleon with my age is serving because it allows people to feel closer to me. (I value connection so I’m happy to be whatever age people think I am!).

My clients are both older and younger than me. For those older than me, it’s better if they don’t know my age because it prevents any limiting thoughts such as “someone younger than me can’t possibly help me.” This is obviously NOT true because, for example, a teacher can be, anyone who embodies something we wish to embody or lives in a way we wish to live or has a particular education and/or experience to help us with something in our lives. 

Age is irrelevant–knowledge, experience and abilities define a great teacher. 


Time is a construct that helps us relate in this reality. It’s as real as we believe it to be. 

Firstly, have you ever noticed how time can fly by or seem to take forever. Our bodies age relative to our relationship with time. Personally I don’t wear a watch or affirm my age so that my body is free from the influence of time. 

Yes, aging is a natural part of life and I prefer to do it my time. Interestingly since I stopped wearing a watch I look the same. People I haven’t seen for years tell me I haven’t changed at all, or that I even seem younger in some way. 

Secondly, thoughts create out reality. Our aging process is also affected by what collective consciousness believes certain age milestones define. For example, it is generally accepted in the world that with age come disease. This is NOT true.


Currently our society links age with a decline in body function when in past times and in native cultures the elders continue their movement and physical responsibilities into “old” age. I plan to be the 90 year old still doing yoga. To cultivate a healthier, happier future for humanity, I pray that this becomes something commonplace, NOT just something incredible. 

Age doesn't decide our life choices, we do! Live life however you wish! We are never too old to change, to live our dreams or to try something new! Forget your age and let your heart decide!

By remaining ageless, I choose another way of aging outside of what mass consciousness currently believes. My aging will be whatever I wish it to be. As it can for too! (whether or not you continue to share your age or not)

Either way, I invite you to observe the influence age, time, thoughts and expectations (both yours and others) have on your life and health as well as on those around you.  As more of us choose new ways of living and thinking, we create a new reality.