What if everything IS perfect?

The human mind has a tendency to find imperfections. It analyzes, creates problems, wants to fix and change things. The mind is the culprit of feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with life. 


The mind is the bug, the virus, in our system. It limits us. It disconnects us from our highest self, the wisest parts of our being. 


There may be things about our life we wish to change and “fix.” But what if everything was perfect as is it? Perhaps these imperfections are needed to guide us in the “right” direction. 


We have the potential and ability to go beyond the mind. To translate our reality in various ways. If we wish to, we have the capacity to see the silver lining, the gift, the perfect imperfection in every situation. 


This may not be easy. But with certain practices to train our mind, it is possible AND necessary for our happiness now. 


Before signing up for the Initiation Program, one of my clients was unhappy. She knew something in her life had to change. Through a process of inquiry we discovered her job was a big source of this dissatisfaction. She hadn’t receive a proper raise in two years and despite her proactive efforts to receive extra certifications, there has been no room for growth.


Even when things seem to go wrong, perhaps they are going right to create the situations and change needed in our lives for our continued growth and becoming. 


Many people choose to stay in situations that do not make them happy. They rationalize why they need this job or that relationship. The mind creates fearful beliefs, “What if I don’t find another job, partner, etc.” These thoughts and patterns limit our life. 


Within the first two weeks of the program, she is ready and excited for this new chapter of life. She has already updated her resume and has begun looking for a new job. She isn't angry, but rather happy. Her current job has provided her with experience, discovering talents, and the realization of her self worth. She now feels the infinite possibilities of life opening to her and is even open to jobs in other fields interest. 


Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 12.29.03 PM.png

When viewing a situation from one perspective it can seem imperfect, while from another it can be absolutely perfect. Sometimes we need help to shift our perspective in order to see clearly. Talking situations through with someone we trust to guide us, offer advice and help us see things from a positive perspective is sometimes all we need to see the perfection in the imperfection. 

If you’re ready for change and to see the perfection of the imperfection in your life now, check out The Initiation Program at http://drnikkistarr.com/empower/initiation-course and contact me at nikkistarr@drnikkistarr.com