Conscious Money Talk

Money is one of those things most people don’t like to talk about. Interestingly so, because money is a big part of our current reality. Most people allow it to decide every aspect of life. Most people measure their success and worthiness based on much money they make and have.


Our relationship with money is often affected by the household we grew up in. Depending on if our family spoke about money with abundance or scarcity, we may have been programmed to either love or dislike money. These prejudices and beliefs may carry into adulthood–affecting the jobs we choose, how much money we make, how we think about people with or without money and how we save and spend money. 


Why talk about money?

Once we bring awareness to this aspect of our life, we then have the power to change it. Awareness is the first step in healing and transforming ourselves and our lives. 


Money is an energy flow.

Over time I have learned that money is simply an energy flow. Money is a barometer of our internal beliefs and external actions. When money is not flowing in our lives, it can reveal sabotaging beliefs and actions or if our focus is better served elsewhere. Money challenges are a sign from the universe letting us know something has to change. 


Beliefs about money 

If we have a negative association with money in any way, we block it from coming into our lives. If we see it as a valuable tool that allows us to share our gifts and innovations with the world, we invite it into our lives. 

Tip: Be grateful for all the ways in which money has been a positive force by finding evidence in your life and in the world around you to show how it has enhanced your life and how you have helped those around you. 



Our fears and feelings of worthiness affect our relationship with money. 

Some people do not make a lot of money because subconsciously they don’t feel worthy of it. People often charge less than their worth and accept salaries for less than their worth, because they either don’t know their worth or don’t feel worthy. People stay in jobs they dislike because they don’t feel good enough or capable to do what they really love because of fear they may not succeed. 

Tip: Write a list of your experiences, education, talents, abilities and achievements that make you worthy of receiving money for sharing your gifts and knowledge with the world. Also read any testimonials or messages sent to you in regards to your work and the ways in which you have enhanced the lives of others. Once you feel really good and confident in yourself after reading through this material, decide how you would best enjoy sharing your gifts. Then decide how much you would like to receive by choosing a number a bit higher than makes you feel comfortable, allowing yourself to grow into this new space of worthiness. 


Money challenges may be testing you or guiding you. 

Money challenges can be a great gift. They test us to see if what we are doing is really our passion. If it is, we continue on despite the obstacles discovering new ways to hone our skills and abilities. We keep on until we discover the formula that allows us to receive abundantly doing what we love. If something is not our passion we have the opportunity to learn this sooner rather than later. We can then make the necessary adjustments in our lives by taking time to discover our true passions or taking leap of faith in the direction of our dreams. 

Tip: When experiencing money challenges, reevaluate your current job or actions in relationship to work. Is this really your passion or is their something else calling your heart? Sit quietly and connect with your heart and with what would make you really happy in life. If it is what you are currently doing, discover new strategies or ways to focus your efforts. If you don’t love your work, decide if now is the time for change–to take time off to discover your passion or to do what you love!


Money doesn’t necessarily have to do with our work, but it is obviously related. The best kinds of jobs are those doing what we love, and those that allow us to do what we love. With either one of these we feel happy and fulfilled.

Because money is an energy flow, begin to open to the limitless possibilities of ways to receive money. Money doesn’t have to necessarily come from work. It can be gifted to you. You can be asked to share you hobbies and abilities in new ways you never knew possible too. Friends can ask you for help in some way. Money can also come in the form of free gifts or free opportunities and experiences. 


Money in equals energy out. 

It’s not about working harder, or longer hours. It’s about giving and receiving. The more we give with love and generosity, the more we receive. Money represents one way for us to receive for the energy and efforts we give to others and the world. 

Also, where we give, may not be the space from which we receive, but everything is connected. Trust that if we give with all of our hearts, without expecting to receive, we will receive over and over across time and in ways we don’t expect. 



Over time, I have learned to not become attached to money. It is transient–It comes and it goes at different points of our lives. There were times I made a lot of money and was able to buy expensive designer labels and travel the world. Other times, I was very much challenges by money not knowing when my next paycheck would come, wondering if I would receive enough to pay all of my bills. Yet, I've always trusted. I’ve read some fascinating stories of many well known millionaires and their journey with money. 


The challenging times have been a beautiful blessing because they really caused me to reevaluate my efforts, how honest I was being with myself and where fear was getting in the way of receiving the abundance I deserve. The challenges also allowed me to observe old, limiting beliefs from my upbringing and society that were ready to be released.

The challenges also helped me redefine my definitions of success, which to me are not about how much money I have and make but rather the richness of my life experiences, how happy I am, the positive impact I make in the world and the relationships in my life. 


I am so grateful that Anastasia Holland has gathered 25 inspiring women to talk about money and what is means in our lives. My interview aired Thursday April 20. Learn more and watch the interview at: