Why it's SO important to Dream BIG

When we stop dreaming, we stop living. 

Much of my work is designed to inspire and empower people to live their dreams, to follow their hearts and go for it!

We have this one life to live it all. To rise in love, live our passion, create anything we desire. Best to go for it, than regret at not trying at all. 

The moment we feel unhappy in life, this is a signal something has to change. Sometimes the quickest fix can be to dream big dreams and then take action in the direction of these dreams. 


A recent client was inspired to work with me because he was unhappy. He didn’t like his job, his home or anything about his life really. When we got to talking about his dreams, he didn’t have any. He hadn’t taken the time to let his fantasy and imagination run wild. Everyday he went to the same job and did the same thing. He was working for a big company. His life was monotonous. 

He shared with me much of what he didn’t want, but not so much of what he did want. No wonder he was depressed. 

The moment I began prompting him to discover the dreams within his heart, he began to perk up. A light within him began to grow brighter. The moment he activated this channel of dreaming, he became inspired with ideas about what he would love to do for work and what else he would like to experience this life. He realized his talents for teaching and how he would like to help others with their health in mind and body. 


Dreaming ignites passion and purpose.

Just by thinking it, writing it down or speaking it aloud, a dream already begins to manifest. The intelligence of the Universe begins to organize events to make this dream a reality. We also have to be willing to say yes to invitations, act in the directions of our dreams and trust in the people and opportunities that present to us. 

Part of the fun with dreaming is how easily what we desire comes true if we allow it!  

So many of my dreams have come true. Most recently, I realized that my dream to live in a beautiful community connected to Nature where people come to us for retreats, healing and rejuvenation has come true. This happened because I followed by heart and highest excitement by returning to Damanhur community after I enjoyed living there for 3 months. This opened doors for me to share my work there and now Damanhur is where I will be spending half the year. 

Dream BIG. Have fun with it. Allow your fantasy and imagination to run wild. No harm can come from this, BUT beware–dreams really do come true!

Dreaming never ends. Once a dream comes true there will be a new dream on the horizon. Dream big and allow your heart’s deepest desires to be realized. This requires surrender and trust, but it is worth it!

Dreaming is a key ingredient to a very happy life.