8 Easy Ways to Get Unstuck

There may be times in our lives when we find ourselves feeling stuck. We may get stuck in a pattern. Same script, different cast in similar challenging situations over and over again. Still holding onto a past lover. Unable to quit a job we dislike. Eating the same unhealthy foods even when we know we shouldn’t. Not making the “right” choices in order to move forward and enhance our lives. 



  • Humans are programmable beings. Depending upon our upbringing, we were programmed to believe certain things about ourselves and the world. The good new is we can reprogram ourselves. 
  • We can become addicted to certain emotions (including pain) and ways of living. The good news is we can replace limiting ways of being with constructive ways.
  • Sometimes people believe they can’t be happy if others around them are unhappy. We can learn to rise, however, regardless of what is happening around us because we deserve to and it can help inspire others to do so too. 
  • Known and unknown toxins in the environment including television, chemicals and genetic modification to most food and products available for purchase. Once we become aware of them and find alternatives, we can make more conscious choices.
  • It’s hard to know or be anything else when we are living the same life everyday, doing the same thing with the same people. Once we choose something different, life becomes different.

Thankfully there is hope! This is a big part of what I do–help people get unstuck.


Here are 8 easy ways: 


1. Try something you’ve never done before

When we experience something new it adds information to how we see the world. It either enforces what we know or can help to change our mind. We feel more alive and see new possibilities. 

2. Travel

Visiting new places and seeing how other people live can be a big inspiration. Experiencing new cultures and ways of living allows us to see there are many facets to life, many ways to experience this reality, many ways to choose to live. 

3. Retreat

Time away from routine gives us a fresh perspective. Time away from our home, our family, friends and work lives gives us time to see things from the outside. With intentional retreat time we can connect more deeply with our hearts to see what we truly want without the influence of others. I have an upcoming retreat to Damanhur Spiritual Ecocommunity in Italy May 7-13, 2017 Details: http://drnikkistarr.com/empower/damanhur-retreat

4. Read an inspirational book

Reading an inspiring book with a spiritual essence can really inspire a new way of being and relating to the world. When we immerse ourselves in this other space of reading, we can come back with a new perspective. Some of my favorites include: The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer, The Alchemist by Paul Coelho, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz or Raw Naked Truths by yours truly. 

5. Meditate

Mediation has the power to change our minds and thought patterns. Even if you don’t know how to meditate, set an alarm for 10 minutes with the intention to meditate and discover a new perspective. Take a few deep breaths until you feel yourself more relaxed and at peace. Focus on your breath as a way to clear the chattering mind. You’ll be surprised how different you feel when you open your eyes. Seasoned meditators 20 minutes in silent in your own energy and space is the perfect reset to find clarity and feel centered with any situation in life. 

6. Do Yoga, Dance, Exercise or Go for a Walk

The mind, body and spirit are all connected. Altering one affects the others. If you move the body in new ways consistently this will change your way of being. Stretching muscles relieves stress and increases flexibility, with building muscle we gain strength–both physically and spiritually. By reshaping the body we also reshape our mind and way of being. 

7. Talk to someone who has a different life perspective

With an open mind, be open to hear how other people see the world. If you’re feeling bold approach someone who appears much different than you in a coffee shop, at the gym, in a meet up group, at work or anywhere you feel comfortable speaking with someone new. Introduce yourself and ask, “Would you be willing to share your personal opinion about…with me.”

You’d be surprised how happy people are to share their views and beliefs. (Everyone loves to talk to someone who is listening.) Allow yourself to just listen without judgement or the need to respond. This is simply an experiment to witness the many ways to see the world (and situations), and to possibly be influenced to see another perspective. 

8. Receive an energy healing or other type of alternative healing modality

This assists us in evolving at the spiritual level, which in turn affects our mind and body. No matter how stuck we may be feeling, alternative healing helps to alleviate some “densities” in order to help us see the “light.” If you’re interested in learning more, I invite you to contact me for an online session. 


There are many ways beyond these 8 easy ways to get unstuck. In the comments section below, I invite you to share some ways that have worked for you. 


This blogpost was inspired by the Life Beyond Limitations Summit where I was interviewed for by Dr. Molly Casey to discuss living beyond limitation with 21 other experts in wellness and spirituality. You can learn more about it here: http://www.drmollycasey.com/lbl-01