Natural Cold Remedies

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The winter is still leaving a chill in our bones here in NYC. Many times this season I've been asked about natural remedies to keep colds and sickness away. Interestingly enough, last month when I was teaching at the Woodstock retreat, I noticed I started feeling under the weather and was able to nurse myself back to health in one day with the tips below. These natural remedies vanquished my symptoms (runny nose and all!) and can be used any time you feel the slightest bit off, congestion in your nose, a tickle in your throat, and to avoid illness all together:



1. Sleep! Allow your body to sleep for as long as it can. Call off your plans and allow yourself to sleep, otherwise you'll be missing a few days of life from the flu. It’s better to be selfish and proactive about preventing illness at the smallest onset of any symptoms.

2. Add a capful of apple cider vinegar to your glass of water, and repeat up to 4 capfuls in a day when feeling under the weather. It works by keeping your body in a more alkaline state, which isn't so appealing for any bug trying to invade.

3. Oil of Oregano. Take one cap twice a day (or as directed by the supplement you buy) until you are feeling 100%.

4. Tea. Lots of hot tea! Especially ginger and Echinacea, which both support and boost immune function.

5. Raw, organic honey. Raw organic honey (Manuka is the best) contains bee pollen and other natural antibacterial properties, which help the immune system keep sickness at bay.

6. High dose vitamin C. Although study results vary on efficacy in preventing colds, Vitamin C won’t hurt you because it is water-soluble so it is easily urinated out if the body doesn't need it. In my experience it works, and it provides your body with antioxidants, which is exactly what a stressed body on the brink of becoming ill needs.

7. Garlic, naturally in foods or supplements, help support immune function.

8. Be sure to hydrate with water and natural salts. Soup is a great way to get both of these, which are much needed during sick times.

9. For any respiratory symptoms like a cough, runny nose, or phlegm, be sure to avoid ALL dairy products.

Nature always provides! Happy healing :)