New Moon Intention Ritual to Manifest Your Desires

The new moon is a powerful time to set intentions. It represents the beginning of the month and a time to plant new seeds. This is also the best time to plant seeds in the earth to grow new plants and crops. 

The phases of the moon are powerful times for different things. Since the beginning of time many civilizations including the Celtics, Egyptians, Mayan and so forth used the moon as a guide for different actions at different times of the month. We too can call upon the power of the new moon to help us set our intentions.

In my work guiding others to create a life they love, I share these types of rituals because they add power to what we are creating in our lives. I also perform these moon rituals and they are SO powerful, usually everything I set manifests in that month or the few ahead. 


In my new moon rituals (shown here) I do a similar ritual to the one I share with you below. Of course it is even more powerful when you do with others, especially when you share your intentions with others because it adds power to them.

If you can’t attend my ceremony this evening, here is a simple easy ritual for you to do at home on the evening of the new moon once the sun goes down. You won’t see the moon if it is the perfect moment of the new moon, but if it is a day before or after you may see a sliver). You can also do this ritual a day before or after because the new moon energy is still present. 

Find a quiet place to be on your own and if you can be outside under the moon energies even better!

  • Light a candle to begin the ritual.

  • State an intention to the Universe or divine asking for support in setting the intentions for your highest and best good for this next month.

  • Light an incense stick as an offering and a thank you in advance for the manifestation of your intentions

  • Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and state a prayer as you desire for inspiration and ideas for the best intentions for your greatest becoming for the next month

  • Continue to sit in a meditative position and listen for any insight, inspiration or ideas

  • As you receive them, write down your top 3-5 intentions 

  • Write them down as if they have already happened and be specific such as dates, details, etc. 

  • When you finish writing them, read them aloud

  • Then wave the paper over the candle three times (do not burn the paper)

  • Then state “and it is so.”

  • Close the ritual by saying “thank you” three times

  • Then snuff out or cover the candle to put it out (do not blow it out) 

Ritual Complete. 

Then place this paper on your altar or night stand and look over it throughout the month and take not of what has manifested and check it off as it does. For the others notice any inspired actions that arise as you read the list to yourself to support its realization. 

Happy New Moon!

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