My Top 4 Favorite Supplement

What we put into our bodies is SO important for our becoming. It can be medicine or poison. The quality of what we feed our bodies is the fuel that has a huge impact on how operate in life. What are you feeding your body these days?

I firstly believe in eating a whole clean, close to nature organic diet. This is essential and primary to our well being. Because of our busy schedules it’s true that we may not always have the time to eat the most biodiverse meals especially if we’re eating on the go. Below are my favorite supplements I add to my everyday routine to give my immune system strong and my body energized. 

Live Ultimate Elixir - The Evolution of the Multi-Vitamin


When a client asked me which kinds of vitamins they should take I say NONE. The body was NOT made to absorbs chemical isolates in a pill form, which is exactly what vitamins are. When you take vitamins in pill form you absorb 10% if you’re lucky and most of them have fillers that are NOT good for your body. 

We were meant to eat WHOLE foods from the Earth. That’s why I LOVE this Live Ultimate Elixir supplement because it is 25 raw, organic WHOLE superfoods that the body knows exactly how to digest. This supplement helps to alkalize and detoxify the body too.

I recommend the 30 day challenge with the Ultimate Elixir. Even if you changed nothing else about your diet you’ll feel the different. I recommend stirring in a glass of water every morning or adding it to your morning smoothie.

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TRC Minerals - Ionic & Plant Derived

Minerals are an essential part of hydrating our bodies along with drinking water. We get minerals from the foods we eat, and plants get their minerals from the soil. Conventional farming methods have resulted in a depletion of nutrients from the soil, that’s why it is so important to choose organic where composting methods are used to keep the soils rich with minerals and nutrients. 

Just to be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to supplement minerals because they are how our cells communicate with each other. Minerals are the conductors through which information is transported in the body. 

These TRC Minerals are better than any pill form you will take because they have been predigested by plants and are ionized which is how the body knows how to digest them (not in the rock form that pill mineral supplements often come in).

I recommend a shot of these liquid TRC Minerals every morning. The taste is not very pleasant so chase it with your favorite cold pressed juice or smoothie or a spoonful of honey to make the medicine go down!

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Camu Camu Powder - High Dose Vitamin C


Camu camu is a fruit found in Peru and is the BEST source of Vitamin C on the planet. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that keeps our immune system strong and healthy, helping us fight against pathogens and the normal oxidation process in life. 

As mentioned above, it’s best to get our nutrients from whole foods rather than taking a pill of Vitamin C. I personally feel we can all use extra Vitamin C supplementation via whole foods like camu camu because of all the electromagnetic radiation we experience from cell phone and wifi waves that cause free radicals in the body to accumulate.

I recommend blending this raw camu camu powder in your smoothie, stirring it into a cold pressed juice or sprinkling it on a fruit bowl. I’m sure you could also try it stirred in water too. 

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Ultimate Shrooms - Energy & Support


This 8 superfood mushroom blend–Ultimate Shrooms is flying off the shelves because it is one of the highest qualities on the market. Very few brands include 8 powerful mushrooms all in one blend like Live Ultimate does. 

These particular mushrooms are especially good for boosting immune function, enhancing your brain function and provide a natural energy boost. They are also adaptogens which help us resist stressors and decrease cortisol levels in the body which is a hormone linked to many diseases.

I recommend blending this Ultimate Shroom supplement into your smoothie or making a mushroom latte with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and maple syrup or honey as the sweetener. If you do drink coffee, you can stir this into your coffee as well.

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