$14K. That’s how much I spent on SUPPORT for MYSELF last month.

$14K. That’s how much I spent on SUPPORT for MYSELF last month. 
An assistant. Business coach. Massages. Healers. Spa. Etc.

And guess what?

I reached the MOST people and I received MORE clients, money, transformation and relaxation than EVER before

Last Sunday, two students approached me after my meditation class and said it was the BEST talk and meditation I ever gave. (And they have been attending my class for over a year now.)

When people ask me how I maintain such “good energy” when I work with and hold space for thousands of people every week, I say I owe it all to my stellar support team.


INVEST IN YOURSELF. (see some ways below)
This is the SINGLE best advice I give anyone. 
INVEST in your healing. INVEST in your transformation.
INVEST in support to change your life for the better.

I LOVE working with people because I witness INCREDIBLE resultsand I feel like the proudest mama! Due to these MASSIVE successes, I was inspired to create some NEW ways to work with me (see details below &book a chat with meto learn more).

Check out these case studies from some people I've worked with these past months:

  • Tatyana is now in escrow on a bigger house blocks from the beach. Her and her husband are both now driving Teslas. She is embodying the radiant woman that she had been desiring to be.

  • Karim and Sorty rescinded the divorce papers and are back in love with a stronger relationship than ever before.

  • Stephanie finally opened her own practice–a lifelong dream realized within the 3 months of us working together. She is redecorating her home and her communication is on fire. She is embodying the confidant woman with clear boundaries she had always wanted to be.

  • Karina has learned to love like never before, is in LOVE with her body, working on her new side business and called in an extra $10K this year.

And the list goes on...

Don’t risk regret.
You do NOT want to look back in 2 years and be in EXACTLY the same situation you're in right now.  
TIME FLIES. A mediocre life or relationship is NOT an option.


If you’re READY for a BIG shifthere are 4 NEW ways you can work with me:

DIVINE NOURISHED GODDESS  - Women {Only 8 spots}
A Day Retreat for Women in Los Angeles
Saturday August 17th 8:15AM-6:00PM.

  • A nourishing, nature retreat complete with rituals, healings, sisterhood and support so you can feel restored, renewed and amplify your radiance.

  • So you can take a break from the city hustle, release any energies not serving you, raise your vibration, soften into your feminine and amplify your radiance.

SACRED EMBODIMENT  - Men & Women  {Only 2 spots}
For the VIP ready for transformation and upleveling
1:1, 90 Day Program - Online or In person 

  • A powerful energy, love and money makeover for high performance individuals who want more ease, alignment, flow and juiciness in business and life.

  • So you can optimize your potential via healing, coaching, energy activation and meditation

LOVERS UNITED - Couples  {Only 1 spot}
For the couple looking to reignite passion, connection and love like never before
Couples & 1:1 90 Day Program - Online or In person 

  • An all inclusive experience that includes both personal and couple’s coaching filled with healings, practices and activations for lasting results

  • So you can return to your beloved, release the pain and enter into a juicy sacred union you both deserve.

THE ULTIMATE WOMAN - Women  {20 spots}
For the spiritual boss ladies ready to rise to your next level
Online program for women worldwide - Starts September
 (super early bird ends this week) 

  • A 90 Day deep immersion to uplevel your life, awaken YOUR spiritual mojo and 10x your power, radiance, and sensual, feminine fire.

  • So you can receive support as you heal and ascend to manifest your intentions to live your ultimate life.

If you’re ready to go to the next level and invest in yourself, book a free heart to heart with me. Let’s see where you’re at and how I can support you >>> https://drnikkistarr.youcanbook.me

With love always, 

Dr. Nikki Starr

P. S. Ladies, I just launched a free Facebook group to support the Femme Uprising.
Juicy, inspiring content will be shared. Sisterhood support & more. Join me there >> https://www.facebook.com/groups/ultimatewomanrise/ 

P.S.S. Photos by @virisiayong from the @lovemade.events Self Love Lessons 8/1