Why the name Nikki Starr?

I write this blogpost due to popular demand. 


“What’s with the name change?” some of you may have thought and many of you have asked. 


Well the truth is I was born with this name. On July 20 some years ago, my 18 year old parents named me Nikki Starr Noce. 


Really they heard the calling because I believe we choose our name, and our parents, before we incarnate into this life. Thus I chose to be named Nikki Starr. 


My sister chose the name Toni Skye. We grew up with eccentric names and everyone in our family called us Nikki Starr and Toni Skye and many of them still do today. When we started attending school, however, we let the Starr and Skye fall to the wayside. 


I rejected this part of myself because it seemed like too much of a name to have to be taken seriously or it was too different or pornographic or not professional enough or who knows what other excuses I used to reject my full name for so many years. 


Toni Skye was much better about integrating her full name when social media became a part of life. I on the other hand only used Nikki Starr as an alias when I didn’t want NYU Medical School to find my Facebook page during the application process. The interesting this is I received my medical degree under my full name–Nikki Starr Noce, as appears on all legal documents.


So why the sudden change of heart after all these years? 


There once was a time when I didn’t understand why people changed their names. I often observed this with some people on a spiritual path and could never relate to wanting to change my name. I loved my name, even the part I wasn't using.  Then one day in December I woke up with the thought and question, “Should I change my name?” 


“What an odd thought!” I said to myself. Mainly because I didn’t know what to call myself. I knew something had shifted inside of me and I felt different–I was different. This was part of the reason I stopped posting videos on YouTube because I was shifting exponentially as a person–every breath felt obsolete. 


It felt like time for a new name. Then a few days later the awareness of using my full name, Nikki Starr, was brought to my awareness. 


Names are very important. They represent the energetic field of whatever is being named. Thus embodying the name that represents one's entire being is best, so that the universe know exactly who is being referring to when we think about manifesting our reality and attracting goodness into our lives. Nikki was only referring to a part of who I am, and thus I was only receiving a portion of all that was available to me.  



In order to call in all the goodness I deserve this lifetime and more, I knew it was important to use my full name. Even now when I introduce myself as Nikki Starr it feels grander. 


The main reason, however, for my decision to use my full name is because I have blossomed more fully into who I am. Even accepting my curly hair has been a part of this journey. Choosing to embody and use my full name is symbolic for stepping into the fullness of who I am and who I came here to be. And so it is. The opportunities and magic available to me are more abundant than ever before.

Just last week a woman shared with me that a Hopi Native American prophecy states that any person with a star in their name is a safe person, a person to be trusted. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey.  Namaste.