The Greatest Love

Everyday I am learning to love more. 


I am a Love Ambassador. Not because I am the perfect example of love in every moment. Rather, because I am committed to a life filled with love. Both giving and receiving love. 


I am human. I make mistakes. Sometimes I judge myself for not being perfect. Sometimes I say the wrong thing or it comes out sounding completely different than I meant it to. Sometimes my heart is not perceived in my actions. There are moments, when I am hurt, and I react. Through it all, however, I am willing to take responsibility and see how I can choose more love next time.  


I am willing to work through the challenges and rise in love. I am willing to see where I can choose even more love in every moment. I am willing to work through the disagreements with those I love so that we can find our way back to love. 


Choosing a life rooted in love is not always easy. The people we love trigger us the most. We are attract those into our lives who know how to easily expose our weaknesses and reveal the spaces we need to love some more. Our beloveds and those who challenge us are mirrors reflecting all the parts of us ready to be healed and loved. Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes we want to run. Yet if we stay and work through it, even if it breaks our heart, our hearts will open and expand to love even more. 


The truest essence of who we are is love. This life is about remembering our way back to love. When we are born, we only know how to love. Experiences causing pain, fear, anger, rejection, etc. may hurt our hearts and close them down. We may react from a space pain, in defense, forgetting all about love. This pain has allowed me to learn the greatest love of all–compassion. 


Compassion is loving ourselves even when we make a mistake and we forget to choose love. Choosing love is a practice. Just like meditation, love is a practice of choosing to open our hearts even when we want to close it. It begins with loving ourselves–the foundation of all relationships–and having compassion for ourselves, remembering that we are trying our best in every moment.


While on Utopia, I was faced with the greatest challenge of all–to operate from a space of love, even though the space was full of fear. I was full of fear. I was in survival mode, without my basic food and living needs met, but somehow I managed to choose love. This was my greatest test of all. Somehow I managed to see that the people wreaking havoc in our space were the ones who needed love the most. 


When they named me #DrLove, I realized my commitment to this path of love. They helped me see that I was choosing love above all else. When I was challenged by others, I learned that compassion was the greatest love of all. 


Even when others hurt us, say mean things, cause pain in our hearts, and make us cry, we can still choose to love that person. We choose to love them because they know not what they do. Of course they don’t want to intentionally hurt us even if they think they do. We choose to love them because they are trying their best. They are causing us pain because they are in pain. These are the people who need our love and compassion the most.  


Love is the greatest medicine of all. Love is the medicine I choose. Love heals all. And though I may not be perfect, I am committed to a life of love and inspiring love in others. I realize that it begins with compassion. When I feel compassion–unconditional love–for myself, then I can feel it for all beings and things. I choose the greatest love of all.