We are Forever Becoming

Life is a journey. We are forever becoming. There is no destination. We have arrived. 


Once upon a time I thought that life would begin after college, after medical school, once I purchased a home, once I was in partnership and so on. Then I realized–life is happening now. This is it. The feature film is playing on the big screen right now.



The realization that we are forever becoming and that there is no destination, gave me permission to live out loud and really live in the moment. I began to travel the world. I changed professions. I opened my heart to rise in love with all of life. I forgave. I let inspiration be the guide. It didn’t matter what I had done yesterday or what I hoped tomorrow would bring. I choose to live in the now. 


We work towards the dream, feeling incomplete because we have not achieved it yet. Even putting other things off until we achieve this dream, position, status, etc. How many of our dreams have already come true? Perhaps we forget because we are already onto the next. 


It is never ending. There will be another dream, and another. Always something to achieve and do. Forever becoming being pulled by our dreams. 


With every experience, every moment, every breath, we are evolving. As we evolve so too do the longings of the heart and our desires guided by our dreams. And in an instant, they change. Poof, just like that. 


We are forever becoming. We are forever growing and learning. Forever becoming even brighter versions of who we truly are. 


This realization changed me. It shook me to the core, because I realized every moment matters. Every experience, happening, every person was a part of my becoming. This shifted me into a deep space of presence and gratitude for all that is–for the beautiful moments and the challenges too. 


I was and still am evolving at lightening speed. I accept this journey of becoming. I ride the waves of becoming, having compassion for the ever changing tides. I remain unattached to the outcomes, knowing that all will unfold with perfection. 


When I meet people I keep my heart open, knowing friendships may last a conversation or a lifetime. I stay as present as possible for this person plays an instrumental role in my journey of becoming. How precious that this one person, of all the billions in the world, has crossed my path. How precious and perfect we feel an attraction to connect on some level. 


We dance together for a moment or two. We are teachers in assisting each other in becoming. When the lessons are learned, we feel grateful, parting ways, knowing our time has expired. Beautiful and at times bittersweet, but there will be many others along the journey of becoming. 


The more present I am in the moment, the more graceful is the becoming. No need to repeat patterns if I am present to the lessons presenting in the now. If I allow, the journey of becoming will be fluid and beautiful, opening my being to become even more of the Love that I am here to be.