Awakening Magic: A Confession

Disclaimer: This post is based on my experience. It may seem crazy or unbelievable but it happened.


I stared into the glass spheres filled with multi-colored liquids conversing with beings from the stars. As they began to advise me to be more authentic and share my mystical side with the world, I couldn’t help but think, “But everyone is going to think I am crazy.” 


A friend recently reminded me that I am crazy. As we all are in our own special way!



This very special evening I was participating in an experience called Contact the Cosmos in the Damanhurian Temples of Humankind. On this particular night, the temple is curated to facilitate contact with beings from other planets and dimensions. Sound like a science fiction movie? Trust me, I know. 


Some background–I began channeling benevolent beings/energies this past year. As I have gone through energetic shifts and changes, I’ve awakened ancient parts of myself. All humans have this capacity. Some of us are more in tuned and opened to exploring the mystic parts of our being.


In this moment I am being super vulnerable. I’m nervous too! I am sharing a very deep part of myself with you. This is something I have avoided for a long time. This is one of the reasons I stopped posting on YouTube because I wasn’t ready to share this part of myself with you. Then after Contact the Cosmos, I realized it is necessary to be completely honest so that those interested in my work can find me. 


I am a mystical being from the stars. All souls are from the stars. We chose to incarnate for a human experience here on Earth. Some of us have had many lives on Earth (as well as other planets) and in the recent years new souls have arrived who have never been here before. 


So now that the skeleton is out of the closet, I will continue with my experience from that evening...


One group of beings I was channeling made it quite clear that the more authentic I am in sharing my real, whole self with the world (something I have been avoiding for the past three years), the greater positive affect it will have. So thanks to them I decided to write this post. 




I stared into another sphere and began sharing my energy healing techniques since those also came to me one day and I don't really know much about them.  I asked them what it is called and they said, “Awakening Magic.” 

Oh man, here we go again, I thought, “People are going to think I am crazy!”

Then I realized that awakening magic is essentially what I do. Energy healing is such a broad statement to make. After three years of working with others in a more spiritual way, I realized that my work does awaken magic.

My sessions tap people into their potential, their God-self, the divine within, the magician within to create a life they love so that they can make their dreams a reality. 


We are here to create paradise on Earth. There are many obstacles preventing this from happening including, fear, worry, anxiety, laziness, addiction, doubt, self-hatred, traumas, wounds, karma and so on. All of this can be healed. The way to paradise is through healing and awakening the magic within. 


When we awaken the magic within we remember our power. We remember how to use our power with purity, for good, in a way to create a life we love–the life of our dreams. When we awaken the magic within we remember this life is about connecting with others and living in harmony with humanity and the Earth. 


When we awaken the magic within we remember our soul’s purpose and how we can leave a positive imprint on the world. We feel happiness and joy. We feel fulfillment and satisfaction. 



Humans are awakening, transforming and evolving into their multidimensional selves. The time to awaken this magic within is now. You may have noticed it has already begun. 


So I’ve come out of the closet. Thank you for listening. 

In summary, I channel and connect with benevolent energies outside of this time and space in order to bring divine information and guidance to humanity. I’m available for online sessions so I can connect with you anywhere you are in the world :)