Activate the Healer Within: Reiki Attunement

One of our superpowers as humans is that we have the power to heal ourselves. Each one of us is a healer. Each one of us experiences the pain and challenges of the human experience and we have the power to heal ourselves. The interesting thing is that it is quite easy to activate the healer within as long as we decide to embark on the journey with dedication and purity of heart. 


This “new age” idea that “we have the power to heal ourselves” is actually not new age–it’s old age. Since the beginning of time people have been healing themselves and we know this from the wisdom and information that still lives from ancient civilizations and native tribes. There are many accounts of the Aboriginal tribes of Australia using their thoughts, intentions and hands to heal wounds instantly, just as there are many stories of Qigong masters using energy to heal pains instantly. 


We are entering into a renaissance age where this intel is available for the masses. An era of light, healing and love is upon us. Humanity is returning to harmony and peace with each other, all sentient beings and Mother Earth. We can choose to be a part of this golden age. 


The ability to heal ourselves and others lives within each one of us. Some of us have remembered more easily than others, and some of us require some assistance. Various ancient practices like meditation/Yoga, breath work, Qigong, Reiki, dance, etc. sprout the seeds of healing within each one of us. All of these modalities move energy or life force within our bodies and this begins the process of remembering and activating the healer within. 


After traveling the world for the past decade, experiencing various cultures and healing modalities, and coming into my own gifts as a “healer,” I have personally experienced the benefits of self-healing and thus have become passionate about inspiring and empowering others to activate the healer within.


All of the empowering healing practices listed above (and more) have enhanced my life in some way. The most recent healing modality I’ve been activated and trained in is Reiki Energy Healing. This is a type of energy healing that was received by Mikao Usui in Japan in the late 1800s. He trained over 2000 Reiki practitioners in his lifetime and it has withstood the test of time as Reiki is only growing in popularity.


Energy from the source of all things is channeled through the hands of the practitioner to the person and area it is intentioned and directed to. It feels very relaxing and some people experience tingling or heat. Other people may experience various sensations in the body and even have visions. The experience for the practitioner and the person receiving the healing can be unique every time. 


Reiki allows you to heal yourself and others. It helps ease physical ailments, disease and pain, as well as anxiety, stress and depression. Reiki also helps us relax, clear our minds and elevate our energy levels. Reiki helps us to become more centered and helps prevent dis-ease from manifesting physically. 



The medical journals have published the positive effects of Reiki on disease and well-being. Studies have shown a statistically significant improvement in well-being, pain relief, relaxation, sleep quality, mood improvement and reducing anxiety. (see cited studies below)


On the upcoming Radiant Remembrance Retreat you will be “attuned” and receive the healing energy of Reiki. This activation and certification will allow you to facilitate Reiki Healing on yourself and others. Join us for this retreat April 23-29–you deserve it, it is an investment in you! 


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