What kind of relationships do you have? 

Relationships are everything in life.

Life is about human connection.  

If we don't have harmonious, fulfilling relationships, we cannot be happy. We are here to love and be loved.

The relationships we have in our lives are a reflection of where we are. There are many nuances to the kinds of relationships we can have, here are 3 of the most common...


  1. There are the superficial relationships. These are the people you have fun with, but never really talk about challenging stuff with. These tend to be easier, lighter relationships. They serve their purpose too. 
  2. There are the relationships with a bit deeper connection. These are the people you share your woes and your triumphs with. Oftentimes in these people tell us what we want to hear and vice versa, because after all friends want to please each other. Right? 
  3. Then there is the most rare of the three, the "spiritual" or sacred relationships. These spiritual partnerships are intended to help us grow. They don't have to be romantic partnerships. They also exist between friends who choose to grow and evolve together. These are in fact one of the deepest kinds of connections. 


sacred relationship quote.png

These spiritual relationships are the real deal and take courage because you're invited to speak your truth. You must be brave enough and willing to bare your soul. Even if its challenging. Even if you feel like closing. These are the relationships where nothing less than being vulnerable is accepted because these relationships allow for the deepest heart openings and the greatest evolution to happen. 

In all relationships we act as mirrors for each. In spiritual relationships we are willing to mirror each other in good times and in bad. We share compliments AND we'll call each other out for the sake of deeper connection. We'll say, "Ouch, that hurt my feelings," because in these relationships we're willing and wanting to take the time to process any disharmonies until we discover a better way of relating that feels good for both people. 

These sacred relationships are the ones we all crave. We're not afraid to shed tears or laugh so hard we pee a little (and when this happens it's not embarrassing, it only makes you laugh harder). Who doesn't want to authentically share themselves, feel seen and heard in every moment with the intention for more love, compassion and connection? 


The kind of relationships you have right now reflect how you choose to show up in the world.


If you're willing to go deep, you'll meet deep.

If you want to keep it light, then you'll meet those who wish to stay on the surface with you too. 

How you show up affects others. You can be the invitation to a deep, real connection if you so choose. Your relationships depend on you.


For some, basic human connection can be difficult. It may be scary to show up so open.  We all have past wounds that make us want to close because we never want to feel that pain again. But what if you chose to love and connect anyway despite the fears? 


Deeply connecting with others and sharing your soul is a practice.

It takes practice to choose to open through the discomfort that can arise. The more we shed the shields around the heart the easier it becomes. The more we feel deeply satisfied and fulfilled in our hearts too. 


Adventures in Intimacy was created to provide you with fun ways to dive deeper into human connection with another beautiful soul. Be it with a stranger, a friend or a lover, this playshop will open your heart to even more love to enhance all of your relationships. 



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