An Easy, Healthy Start to Your Day


When I was a child I ate sugary cereals for breakfast. Now, I'd never eat that. I love my body and my mind too much. 

The food we eat is fuel for our vessel. Imagine our bodies like cars. The better we fuel it the better functioning and smoother it will drive. The quality, quantity, ingredients and source of the fuel ALL matter.  

Sugar is one of the leading causes of disease. It’s true!

Now a days, pretty much EVERYTHING has sugar in it. Even most “all natural” and even organic products add sugar. It's sad. Sugar affects the body in so many negative ways. It causes weight gain, hormone imbalances, damages our teeth, nerves and bones, it also creates an addiction to sweets and feeds bacteria and cancer. Not to mention the downer effects it has on the mind and our emotions. Reading labels is super important to avoid unnecessary chemicals, additives and sugar.

I understand it can be hard to find quick, easy, healthy foods to take on the go, especially during busy mornings. Fruit is always an option but not always easy for people to carry or dispose of. For some, a piece of fruit may not be filling enough. 

Recently I was contacted by to try their awesome products and delivery service. I took a look at their ingredient list and immediately said yes.  It’s the real deal! 

No added sweeteners or sugars. All real, natural ingredients. Plant based and gluten free too. PLUS it’s ORGANIC. Delivered straight to your door! 

It’s a frozen cup of real ingredients straight from the Earth. It looks so pretty when you open the cup. You just add your favorite liquid (mine is organic, unsweetened, vanilla almond milk). 

Store it in your freezer and when you’d like a smoothie, simply choose which one, peel the lid, pour the contents into the blender, add your liquid of choice, blend, pour it back into the paper cup and boom! You’re good to go in less than a minute! 

Lack of time is one of the biggest excuses I hear from clients when they say they have a hard time eating healthy. I totally understand this, and now here is an easy solution! You don’t even have to go to the store to pick it up–it gets delivered straight to you. 



I love this concept and company! Daily Harvest helps us save SO much time, while fueling our bodies in a healthy way! You'll begin to love your mornings even more with the energy you'll receive from these delicious, high vibe treats. 

Daily Harvest and I have teamed up to give you THREE FREE SMOOTHIES with your first order when you use promo code: drnikkistarr

How awesome is that?! Go to and order your smoothies today! There are so many flavors to try. My favorite is the chocolate blueberry. Let me know which is yours! Enjoy!