A Release Ritual - Create space in your life for all you are calling in

Before setting goals and beginning new chapters, it’s important to clear out the old to create space for what you are calling in. The end of the year is a perfect time to release what’s not serving and receive clarity about what you wish to transform in your life.

The ritual below supports you in doing just that! And is the perfect way to end this 2018.

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Releasing and letting go is a natural part of our becoming and is a continuous process. Any time we feel stuck or that a situation from our past is affecting our present and future, it is a good idea to do a releasing ritual. The creation of all rituals is about using the knowledge we receive on the journey of life along with our intuition. 

Below are some guidelines. Feel free to add your own intuitions and knowledge. There is no “right” or “wrong” way as long as your intentions are pure. 

Know that the fire will help to transform and transmute any of these aspects you wish to release. It is like an act of grace. You may notice you feel differently after but not sure how or why. Allow the magic of elements to do their work. Have faith in the process. The simple act of your will and intention is enough to support healing and transformation in your life. 

Choose an evening to be in your own energy in your own space. If possible, use the energy of the full moon. Best to do the ritual right before bed. 

Begin by cleansing the space with the plant and intentions of your choice. Thanking the elements you are using and asking their permission to help you. 

Create your altar or intentionally set your space for the ritual. You may wish to purchase roses for this special intentional time as they are the frequency of divine love and will help the transmutation process. 

Light a candle and begin by thanking the fire and acknowledging this fire as the fire from the beginning of time and as a communicator to the divine on your behalf. 

Say a prayer. Call in and thank the benevolent loving energies that wish to assist you. You can call in specific angelic energies or divinities or any energies you wish. Thank your spirit guides/God/the Universe. Explicitly state the intention of your ritual and what you wish to release and let go of. 

Write down all the things you wish to release for this particular ceremony and any stories or energies related to it. You can also scribble if you notice some feelings you can’t put into words. If much of it is about you and old patterns, you may wish to cut a piece of your hair to acknowledge this shedding of yourself.

Go into meditation and listen for any guidance in relation to your releasing and ritual. Act on any information you receive. 

Once you feel you are complete writing everything down. Hold the paper in your right hand and send all the remaining energies related to what you are releasing into the paper. You can also roll the paper up and rub it across your body with the intention to collect any and all energies to be released.

Before you burn the paper include an offering for the fire or to the divine forces. Example, for the fire you can feed it tobacco or herbs. You can also give an offering like a crystal to Mother Earth by burying it or giving it to the ocean. It is best to do this within 36 hours of the ritual, though 24 hours is best. You may wish to offer sweets and fruits on your altar to your spirit guides/God/The benevolent loving forces, which you would leave on your altar for 36 hours. At the end you can eat them or offer them outside to the nature spirits. 

As you offer your offerings, give thanks for what your wish to release. Share as many things as possible about why you are grateful for what you are releasing and what goodness it has brought into your life because it was useful in some way even as a teacher. 

When you feel you are complete with bringing up everything you wish to release and the gratitude for it. Burn the paper with gratitude. Initiate the burning with the light of the candle. Be sure every piece of the paper turns to ashes. Flush the ashes down the toilet or bring them outside to the earth or release them into the ocean (if you do this ritual at the beach). 

Listen for any other guidance. Act on it now or after the ceremony within 36 hours pending what comes in. 

For completeness, best to take a salt bath right after. Best to bathe the same night or within 36 hours. You can also fully immerse yourself in the ocean with the intention of purifying and cleansing the energies you are releasing. 

If you take a bath, carry the candle to the bathroom. You can cleanse the space at this point if you share a bathroom with others, but best to include it in your initial cleansing of the space as long as no-one will be entering the space. 

Set your bath as you wish- with flower petals, oils, etc. As you lay in the bath, watch the flame and release any last residual. You may wish to salt scrub your entire body to enhance this shedding. Once you feel complete in letting go in the bath, state positive, loving affirmations associated with this new chapter of becoming as you watch the flame, cleansing from the inside out. 

When you feel complete, drain the tub and rinse off with cold water. Dry off.

Go back to your altar space. Thank all the benevolent loving energies that assisted in your release and any other closing prayers. Thank and acknowledge the fire before putting it out by snuffing it. Do NOT blow it out. 

Go to sleep or take time to rest. Best to sleep in clean sheets (white preferred) and be naked or wear all white to bed. 

Keep silence when you wake and shower first thing in the morning and wash hair too. 

Ritual complete.