A simple act of love

This past Friday I spoke at an event in downtown Los Angeles. Over 125 people attended. The beauty of this event for me was in the diversity of the people who attended. 

I was asked to speak about happiness. And what I shared was that happiness means 20 different things to 20 different people. It’s all in how you define it. There’s no right or wrong answer. Then it’s about living in alignment with what you believe happiness to be with your thoughts, words, actions and choices.

One person shared it means freedom. Another person shared it’s about living in alignment with your purpose. And I shared it’s those moments where we feel love. 

I then guided the group in a connection exercise where they paired up to eye gaze with 3 different people and through the gaze thank each beautiful soul for beings. There were lots of smiles and laughs. Despite some people feeling shy, the energy in the room was uplifted by these moment of connection where love was exchanged. 

I closed my talk with a love and kindness meditation where everyone held hands. And the smiles were there too. In the love and kindness meditation we sent love out into the world. To family, friends, strangers and even those who challenge us. We sent our love to the Earth, the waters, seeing the entire Earth light up with our love. 


Not only do the people who receive love receive a healing and even a protective layer around them from an energetic standpoint. But the person sending the love also receives a healing too. 

Studies have shown that people who do love and kindness meditations benefit in many ways including anti-aging. Researchers have found that those who practice this specific meditation experience lengthening of the end of DNA strands called telomeres, which are shortened during the usual aging process most people are familiar with today. 


At the end of this blogpost is a script if you wish to guide yourself in a love and kindness meditation.

After the event I received this email from a woman who attended: 

“Hi Dr. Nikki, I have been to three Love Made events, and felt that your presentation resonated the most with me. You were very easy to follow and I could feel your compassion and wisdom.

The guided meditation was very gentle and effective. Because your speaking tone is so clear and peaceful, I thought it would be wonderful if you created/narrated something for children as well!

Following the event, I checked out your ig live story and actually transcribed your words so I wouldn’t forget. Here are 3 valuable pieces of wisdom that resonated with me:

There are so many ways to heal – everything is about how you define it, and your perception

Because if we heal and let go of anger and pain, and trauma of the past, and we learn to forgive, we feel lighter, and have more space to both give and receive love.

And even send your love to someone who challenges you, remembering that they are a great teacher. Send your love to someone in your life who’s having a challenging time.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Sincerely, Sarah.”

You can view more pictures and a video of part of the meditation here >>> https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE4MDEzNzI2NjMwMDc2Mzk4/

I feel her response was inspired by the love she felt, received and gave during my talk and the guided experiences.

You can also experience this during the personal sessions I offer both online and in person where the energy healing portions are a dose of love and you are personally guided through a love and kindness meditation to really feel the love. 

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Sample script for a Love and Kindness Meditation:

This meditation invokes your attention to send your love and gratitude out into the world.

After a wonderful experience, a fond thought, a moment you feel deep gratitude, or a time when you feel a lot of love, it is a perfect opportunity for this meditation.

Find a comfortable posture with your shoulders rolled back and down your spine so that your heart space is open.

If you don’t feel any love, but rather wish to use this meditation as a tool to elevate love, you can silently, in a meditative space, think of 3 things (or more) for which you are most grateful for and why. This usually evokes some feelings of love, which you can expand and spread throughout your being by focusing on it. You can also invoke positive feelings via a pleasurable sensation in your body by allowing your awareness to expand this pleasure. When you feel good you can more easily connect to feelings of love and gratitude.

Then when you feel you are in a positive space of love, imagine yourself bathed in love.

Connect with your heart center and begin to see your love emanating from your heart space.

You can imagine your love as light or energy or as a color, whatever feels good and right to you.

Then send it out into the world.

Remember to send your love to:

Your beloveds, family, friends
Those who challenge you (yes even those you’re in conflict with because they are great teachers)
Strangers (you can even think of some specific strangers that have crossed your bath)
Cities, states, countries
The waters and elements
Nature and The Entire Earth
Anything else you feel inspired to
You can get as specific or general as you like. If you have more time you may think of individual people and even visualize every state, country and continent lighting up individually before unifying in the light of your love. Also you may consider sending your live to individual plant and animal species or nature locations. You can do this meditation as a 20 meditation by being really specific about lighting the world up in your love.

Feel the love emanating from your being like a force field.

When you feel complete with sending your love out, hold the visual of the Earth lit up in your love for a moment.

Then if you like you can say this universal blessing in your mind’s eye or aloud: “May all beings feel love and compassion may all beings be happy and free.”

Lastly, remember to send some to yourself. Feel yourself bask in your own infinite love.

End with a moment and thought of gratitude.

Bask in this love light for as long as you need.