Follow your heart... Or else  

Those who follow their heart are happy. One way to define happiness is living life guided by your heart.

Your heart is an intelligence. It’s the compass of your soul. Your heart longs for and desires that which you are meant to have, do and be in life. 


If you don’t follow your heart...

  • You may live with regret, wondering “What if?” 
  • Life can be quite mediocre or even boring. 
  • You’re not really living.
  • You’ll be exactly where you are right now. Perhaps nothing lost, but also nothing gained. 
  • You may even suffer.


Through your heart’s desires you attract the people and experiences for your greatest growth and evolution. 


If you’re in touch with your heart, you’re lucky, and it usually means you have many dreams and that you have much love in your life.


If you live life too influence by the limited logic of the mind you’ll never know the vast power of the heart. So why not experiment? Try living some moments where your heart decides. Simply ask it. 


Following your heart can be a bit risky, because there is so much unknown, and so much that goes against your beliefs, ideas and logics. But it's worth it!


Perhaps you are someone who has been sucked up by that automatisms of life. Like a robot you wake up, go to work, look at everyone’s life on social media. You are so stuck in a rhythm that you’ve forgotten how to dream. Don’t worry! There’s hope.



One of the things I love most about my work is that I guide people to reconnect with their heart, igniting their capacity to dream and love even more. I remind people how to listen to their heart and follow it. It’s truly a gift to witness people find clarity about what they desire and receive it quite quickly thereafter.


Because if you learn to listen to and follow your heart...

  • You’ll be happy.
  • You’ll be rewarded.
  • Life will be much sweeter and better in more ways than you can even think of.
  • You’ll feel how lucky you are to be alive.


So beware, when you work with me, your life will transform and you’ll attract in what you desire. Are you ready? 

I’m always available for online sessions, and for in person sessions I’m in NYC now through August 8, then I’ll be in LA. Contact me at