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Quest 8: This is our mission–Love.

Our mission is quite simple. It is love. To be love. Spread love. Give love. Receive love. Awaken even more love on the planet. To be so inspired with love that we can’t help but share our unique gifts with the world as a radical act of love. Love is the reason for everything. It is the muse of masterpieces of all kinds. Love is the reason we create and share. Love is the reason we strive and achieve. Or else what is the purpose of anything? What’s the point of doing anything we do if the end result is not more love?

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The First Step to Enlightenment: Action

Action is showing up to life. Action moves us into the flow of life, bringing us to serendipitous moments. Those chance moments. The synchronic moments. Actions is the thread connecting us to all that is. With action we are guided to the next part of the Journey. Action we are propelled in the direction of our dreams. And more...

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