The First Step to Enlightenment: Action

The first step on the journey to enlightenment* is ACTION. 


Action is showing up to life. 


Action moves us into the flow of life, bringing us to serendipitous moments. Those chance moments. The synchronic moments. Actions is the thread connecting us to all that is.

With action we are guided to the next part of the Journey.


Action we are propelled in the direction of our dreams.


Proper action requires presence. Attuning to right now. Listening to feelings and sensations inside and out. Forgetting the mind. Allowing the “shoulds” and “supposed tos” to fall away. Acting within a few seconds, at the right moment to seize the moment before it expires. 


When inspiration caresses us with her encouraging hand, reminding us of our expiring time on the planet, it is the most important time to act. Her whispers awaken our unique gifts to share with the world. Especially act when the reasons for why we incarnated begin to shout, asking us to be expressed now. 


Sometimes we feel the desire to act, but we don’t know how to, where or why. Baby steps. The first step will bring us to the next. Trust that in the moment you will know what to do. Often the plan will be pushed aside for a completely different, even more beautiful, unforeseen future.


Sometimes we don’t wish to act but the calling appears. Go on and act anyway. Mistakes and lessons shape our skills much more so than the “what ifs” and regret.


Thinking is not acting. Overthinking is paralyzing. When things are unclear, better to act. Action facilitates decision, allowing the events to unfold and the answer to appear. 


Action can be to wait. Action can also be to keep silent. Action can be contemplation or meditation. Action may be delicate or bold. 


Action is always courageous. 


Action allows us to take hold of the reigns of life, leading with love in the direction of our desired heart’s path. 



Sometimes you won’t even know why you wish to act. The actions may not even make sense. Trust in the guidance of the soul. The inner compass is pointing you in the direction you need to go. Trust. If a force pulling you, allow yourself to be led, the lessons and events will unfold perfectly for the design of the soul.


My darling, be sure to act. Otherwise this life will pass you by. Show up. Be present. Be mindful.  Say yes. Say no. With all of your heart and soul. Be here now. Live for the now. 



*The 8 Quests to Enlightenment are the basis of the course Path to Spiritual Freedom, and have been shared by Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Aeraudi) the Spiritual Teacher, Guide and Visionary of Damanhur Spiritual Community. 

**The image shown is from the Blue Hall in the Temple of Humankind in Damanhur, which is the hall connected to this quest.