Balance of the Masculine–Quest 5.

As individuals and as a collective, we will know the greatest peace and joy, when the masculine and feminine energies become balanced–both within ourselves and in society. This is the Utopia many of us seek. 


As I shared in my last post, our external reality is a projection of our internal state. Thus the world we are experiencing reflects the excess of masculine energy within many. When out of balance we see an overly worked, sexually focused, aggressive way of existing. 


It’s important to be clear:

  • Masculine is not “bad.” 
  • Feminine does not mean female/woman
  • Masculine does not mean male/man. 


Indeed women usually embody more feminine traits and men more masculine, but both of these traits live within us. The feminine needs the masculine, just as the masculine needs the feminine. Each have their superpowers. 


When in balance, the masculine is admirably strong, decisive, confident, focused, direct and action focus, with logical, linear and leadership ways of relating. 


The masculine provides stability and structure for the flowing feminine. The feminine traits are important for all of us too as I share in a previous post here


We currently live in a masculine society that values and focuses on “doing.” Because the masculine is out of balance with the feminine, we see a consumption based way of living where resources are overly extracted for the sake of a competitive market. War comes from overly aggressive ways of relating. If a balance of masculine and feminine guided our countries’ decision making perhaps war would not exist. 


Quite frankly, it’s time for the masculine to be checked by the feminine. 


Awareness is the first step to creating this balance.


One element of spiritual evolution and development is all about the cultivation and balance of these two energies within us–truly living in balance both internally and externally. This will be a focus of the Damanhur Retreat in Italy in May. 


I’ve been sharing about the 8 Quests to Spiritual Freedom since my return from Damanhur Community and the Masculine is Quest 5. It is connected to the Hall of the Earth, because Earth is the element associated with the masculine. During the retreat, will walk energetic grids and meditate in halls (such as the one shown here) that specifically target the masculine and feminine aspects of our being. Contact me if you are interested in joining us. More info here:


How can you take responsibility for your role in the co-creation of our society? 

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on your life and observe where the masculine may be out of balance. In what ways can you infuse the feminine essence into this area of your life to create more peace and harmony.  Please share any insights below.