How to bring the healing benefits of the ocean into your home...

Ever notice when you go to the beach you feel healthier and more alive?

Ever notice how the crisp clean air after a storm awakens your senses and uplifts your being?

Well it’s not surprise you can sense a difference in the atmosphere because indeed there is something in the air. Although you can’t detect it with the naked eye, the air is filled with negative ions.

This phenomena happens with the crashing of waves and the fall of rain. It clears the air of any pollutant and even breaks up electromagnetic radiation that fills the air due to cell phone, wifi, computers, and all the other electrical technology invisibly polluting our environment. Particle and electromagnetic pollution is harmful to our health in countless ways, including cancer-causing effects.


Negative Air Ions are beneficial to our health. Negative Ions:

  • are anti-depressants and have been shown to decrease seasonal affective disorder.
  • maintain our immune function, and specifically have been documented to elevate “NK cells” which are cells that fight cancer in the body.
  • remove both particle and electromagnetic radiation pollution in the air, which are both harmful to our health.
  • have a calm, relaxing effect that result in mood elevation.
  • increase oxygen flow to the brain


Ways to increase negative air ions in your life and home

  • Turn off the Air Conditioner for it depletes negative ions in the air.
  • Spend time near the ocean, go for a beach stroll whenever you can
  • Go for a walk or hike after the rain or during the dewey hours of the morning
  • Decorate your house or office with Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps, as the light heats the salt it causes the salt to release negative ions into the air.


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