Why it’s important to give YOURSELF a gift.

This time of year is often spent shopping for others–making sure our beloveds receive the perfect gifts. This can occur at our own expense. We sleep less. We use our lunch breaks to shop. By the time the holiday rolls around we are exhausted. This holiday behavior is a reflection of our lives throughout the year–how much time do you devote to others versus yourself?


The foundation of all relationships is the relationship we have with ourselves. 


The time spent purchasing gifts for our loved ones is just as important as the time we give ourselves. The balance to which this occurs is a reflection of our self love. Can we give ourselves permission to go to bed when we are tired, knowing our bodies have had enough? Do we make the time for a hot bath to nourish and relax our nervous system? Do we forget about our meditation and self care practices when we become too consumed with other people in our lives? 


Self love is the foundation of all relationships.


We create the bar. How we treat ourselves is the standard for how others will treat us. The way we speak to ourselves is the way others will speak to us. We allow from others what we do to ourselves. 


What we desire from another, we must give to ourselves first. 


How kind you are to yourself is a measure for how kind the people you attract into your life will be. If you want to be gifted, give yourself gifts.


Many times, people desire for their relationships to be different from what they are, but we can’t change people. Sometimes we put others before ourselves thinking this will make things better when really it is the other way around.


Our relationships are a reflection of the self love we have for ourselves.


What we do for ourselves we do for others. When we feel good, we have that much more love to give. When we feel nourished we have that much more energy to do the things we wish to do for our beloveds. When we feel loved and whole we can love another and be understanding and compassionate. 


This holiday season I invite you to give yourself a gift (something you wouldn’t normally gift yourself). Gift yourself something that is nourishing and makes you feel good, loved, supported, nourished and whole so that you can continue to be the bright shining light that you are. 


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