Make Time for Adventure–Doctor’s Orders!

As I write this to you, I’m on my way to Colombia. Another trip to another motherland. Another adventure.


After incredible trips to Italy and NY my plan was to return to LA. 
But then an opportunity presented itself. 
An adventure SO good I couldn’t say no. The kind that filled my heart with a heck yes! 
So I said yes.


I made the time. I changed my plans and now I’m heading to Colombia. 
For a month I’ll be here studying plant and Earth medicine from an incredible healer. 
I’m super excited to be adding this modality to my healing practice, tying together the M.D. with energy medicine.  Over these next weeks I'll be sharing about the adventure so stay tuned!


This is life. Completely unplanned.
And this is a secret to a happy life–MAKE TIME FOR ADVENTURE. Especially if you’re going to learn something in the process, which is pretty much always.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 7.14.30 PM.png


As you already know–we have this one life to create, do and be anything we wish. 
Shall this life be a snoozer? 
Or shall it be EPIC? 
You decide. 


You know which team I’m on. I’m for the adventurous unconventional life. 
The kind that’s in alignment with the heart or else it’s not even an option. 


There’s no “right” or “wrong” here, it’s simply a choice. Like everything in life. 
Fun life? Boring life? You decide.


My “job” is to be the cheerleader (I knew there was a reason I was one in high school) and guide for the life in alignment with your heart, the happy life, the life you LOVE.


Saying yes to adventure, especially the kind that speaks to your soul is MEDICINE. 
If I hear of one more person on an anti-depressant I may yell out in desperation because there are cures beyond pills, including lifestyle changes that are much safer with happier outcomes.


Adventure activates your hormones in a similar way to happiness and being in love. When you're living in this vibration (well in any vibration really) you attract more of that. So, adventure invites more happiness into your life. The excitement, the thrill, the spontaneity, the joy of it all, the surprise of the unknown and of course more experiences to learn and grow from.


Even if you're already loving work and life, making time for adventures is SO important in order to take the fullest advantage of what life is gifting your way. 
Plans even better than you could have thought of are making their way to you right now!

Your “job” is to stay open and be ready to jump right in when the opportunities arrives.
Being adventurous is a practice just like meditation. 
You may catch yourself saying no to invitations because you’re tired or don’t think the opportunities are worth it, but say yes anyway in the spirit of adventure.
Imagine it like an experiment, observing your mood and life afterwards. 
The more you do it, the better you'll get at it. 


Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 7.18.38 PM.png

Just this weekend my mom and I were talking about biking to the beach. 
Of course it’s hot, humid, sunny and lots of hills. It’s definitely something you have to work for.
We almost didn’t do it. But I’m proud to say we said YES to the adventure.
The moment we propped our butts on the seats and pedaled a few steps we both smiled and said “This is fun! SO happy we did this.” And it really was great. 


So let’s go. If you'd like you can get your adventure on right now. 
Get out your calendar and to-do list.
Think of something you’ve been wanting to do that feels adventurous. Or something you’ve been wanting to do but you’ve been thinking, “No, I can’t possibly do that, but I really want to.”
Now, schedule this into your calendar and/or add it to your to do list. It's just as important as everything else. Perhaps more important. What's more important than your happiness?
You get brownie points if you do it this week!
Then return here and comment to let us know how it goes. Accountability in action over here. 

I support you! And I look forward to reading about it!!

Wishing you a happy, adventurous day.

With love,

Dr. Nikki Starr


P.S. I’m still working with people online while I’m here in Colombia. To schedule your session contact me at