You’re more ready than you think you are…

A very interesting thing happened when I was in Colombia that made me realize we’re more ready than we think we are. 

Ready for what exactly? Well, EVERYTHING.

I blocked out a month of my life to study with a native healer in Colombia.
Yes, I already work as a healer.
Yes, I’ve studied so much in this field from college to med school to different courses and certifications. For years I’ve been working with clients, which an invaluable education. Not to mention my ancestral lineage of healing.
But of course I’m always hungry to learn more.

When I arrived, he asked me many questions and tested me in several ways. He tested my intuitive abilities and my understanding of disease and healing. After two hours together on a late Wednesday afternoon he said to me, “You only need 5 days with me. Come back Monday.”

I was in shock. And my flight back to the States was a month away. I couldn’t help but think, “Why is this happening?”

Whatever we have the desire to do or be we’re already on our way. 
The desire is the seed.

If we can think about what we wish to do or be, that in and of itself means we have the capacity to achieve it.
Believe it or not, in many cases we’re already capable. 

We often think we need training, courses, certificates, experiences before we can begin. For somethings yes. Most things, no. Just begin. If the inspiration is there, you can always start somewhere. 

Medical training philosophy is quite simple–see one, do one, teach one.
Yup, you are expected to learn a procedure by seeing it done once, then you're expected to do it yourself once under supervision, and then show someone else how to do it–then you're considered qualified.
Of course the more you perform a procedure, the better you get at it, and that's why it's called a medical practice

When I guide people in yoga sessions I often instruct challenging poses because I know that even though the person thinks they can’t, they really can. All they need to do is try.
Do you know how many people have stood on their head or did an arm balance pose after taking one look at the pose and said, “Ha, yeah right.” But of course when they gave themselves the opportunity they succeeded. 


What have you been wanting to do in life but have told yourself THAT you’re not ready or that you need more practice or training?


Life is short. Take action. Through experience we gain wisdom.
Learning happens by doing. 

Everyday we're learning. Everything is a work in progress. Hence the term practice.
Western Medicine is a practice. Yoga is a practice. Meditation is a practice. Everything is practice.
The only way to get better or become an expert is to continue DOing.


Did I learn new things in those 5 days? Absolutely. 
Did I need a whole month? Nope.

I received the message loud and clear–it was time to get back to Los Angeles and grow my healing practice–both online and in person. My journeys around the world over the past years have yielded powerful tools and knowledge, and now it’s time to share them even more. 


So I’m back in Los Angeles! And this month I’m happy to announce some great ways you can connect with me both in Los Angeles and online!



I’ll be guiding two NEW meditation classes every week in Los Angeles starting this week!

Thursdays 6:45PM at Ceremony Meditation (begins September 13th)

Sundays 11:30AM at Unplug Meditation Santa Monica (begins September 16th)



The 3rd Power & Practice of Meditation Online Course begins Wednesday September 26th. Registration open now!



Back by popular demand – Adventures in Intimacy – Saturday September 29th 6-8PM at Ceremony Meditation 



Online sessions and monthly coaching programs available to you where ever you are in the world.

In person sessions available in Los Angeles.

Contact me at to schedule your session.


I would love to see you at one of these lovely offerings. Contact me with any questions!

May you be inspired to share your special and unique gifts with the world. It’s time! 

With love, 

Dr. Nikki Starr