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Healing is Letting Go

Death Valley was an incredible experience. What a beautiful place that gifted me more life and love. I guided myself in a healing ritual to forgive those who have trespassed against me, my family and my ancestors in this life and past ones too. I screamed with rage and laid upon the Earth and she helped me release all of those poisonous emotions that had been trapped in my heart and body. Afterwards I was beaming, full of love and light in a way I had never been before. Ritual details inside for you to try!

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We are Forever Becoming

Life is a journey. We are forever becoming. There is no destination. We have arrived. We work towards the dream, feeling incomplete because we have not achieved it yet. How many of our dreams have already come true? With every experience, every moment, every breath, we are evolving. The realization that we are forever becoming and that there is no destination, gave me permission to live out loud and really live in the moment. I opened my heart to rise in love with all of life...

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The Worst Start to the New Year, Part 2

...Continued from The Worst Start of the New Year Part 1

“I’m not shocked by a lot of things, but I’m shocked.” I said to Dr. Edie.

And so the first week of the new year I spent detoxing, cleansing and healing–not as planned, but nonetheless the greatest blessing and education I could have received. My understanding of healing has upgraded...

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