Life is a Celebration: 7 Ways to Celebrate

This life happens once and in the blink of an eye it’s over. This lifetime is a blip in the grand scheme of time. Before we know it ten years have passed and we have no idea where the time went. Every now and then a gentle nudge appears reminding us to live–to live out loud and to live life now. 


Now is the only moment we have. We have no idea what tomorrow holds. Moments are fleeting, as are invitations. Carpe diem. Indeed we must seize the day. 



This life is so beautiful when we stop to smell the roses. When we take a moment away from our computer screens and cell phones, and look at the miracles happening around us, we can’t help but want to celebrate. The small things we take for granted are really big things. How often do we celebrate the joys of life? 


I invite you to celebrate life in every moment possible. Before these precious moments pass on by, let’s celebrate. When we celebrate the happenings of life we bring awareness and focus to these wonderful feelings and attract even more of this goodness into our lives. 


7 of my favorite ways I celebrate life include:


1. Spoken Gratitude

I say thank you in celebration for all the blessings presenting in life. Before every meal I say thank you, holding hands with those dining with me, speaking works aloud thanking the moment, the people I am with and the food that I eat. When I feel deep appreciation for a sunset or a person, I speak my feelings and emotions aloud, allowing the echo of my voice to ripple out into the void creating more of this goodness. I place my hands over my heart to really feel, honor, capture and celebrate the beauty of the moment. 


2. Treat Yourself. Treat Others. 

Celebrate life with a treat. To different people that can mean different things. For some that could mean ice cream or a massage. For others it could mean a walk in nature or a new pair of shoes. A job well done feels celebrated when rewarded with a treat. Even the act of being alive and trying our best deserves to be celebrated. Special days also deserve a treat such as a birthday or a great happening in life. You deserve to celebrate yourself. Treats just because are also nice. How great does it feel to receive a gift just because! It makes us feel special and celebrated. So why not gift that feeling to someone else too!


3. Say Yes to Life

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.54.41 AM.png

What better way to celebrate life than to live it. Saying yes to invitations allows us to be in the flow and synchronicity of life discovered more of what this life has to offer. Say yes to those things you’ve always wanted to do and go do them! When we say yes we are often rewarded with opportunities, meeting new awesome people and having new inspiring experiences. Especially when you’re not sure if you should, say yes! Either way we learn from experiences so why not live in yes? This also creates more moments and experiences worthy of celebration. 


4. Host a Celebration

What better way to celebrate than with a celebration. Be it a party, a ceremony or any other intentional act of celebrating really honors the happenings in life. Especially for special occasions such as celebrating love with a wedding, celebrating holidays or having a party for your birthday. Even if there is no occasion, just because events and gatherings are a perfect way to celebrate life. Invite friends over, have a picnic or go out for a meal to that place you’ve been wanting to. Create any reason to celebrate life!



Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.54.15 AM.png

5. Retreat 

Time away to just be is a celebration of our existence. Time to be without anything to do is a celebration of you. We are human beings, not human doings. Stopping to smell the roses is celebrating life. A moment to decompress and relax is celebrating life. When we take a moment to get away from our bust lives to reflect on how beautiful this life is, we can really appreciate it and find the space to really celebrate it. 


6. Expression

What better way to celebrate life than through expression. When I am happy and in a celebratory mood I feel like dancing. Dance becomes my celebration–it is a prayer and an act of gratitude. For others it may be through the playing of music or singing of songs. For others it may be creating a piece of artwork to celebrate a significant time, event in life or just because. Whatever your form of expression is when you’re feeling celebratory, share it with the world and inspire celebration in those around you! 


7. Travel

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What better way to celebrate life than to experience the full breath of what it has to offer. Travel allows us to experience different cultures, see the vastness of this Earth and open to the more of all that is. Travel is my favorite way to celebrate life. Every moment of travel brings me into a deeper state of gratitude for all the beauty present in every moment of this life, from new place I visit, to great landscapes I witness and with every new person I meet. After traveling the world for over a decade it never gets old. It expands my heart even greater limits of celebration. Even now, only a week into a two travel adventure and I am inspired to share this post with you. 


I would love to hear your favorite ways to celebrate life in the comments section below.