A Secret to a Magnificent Life

Note: Names have been changed to protect the identity of clients.


We laughed and laughed. 


“That was the best line ever!” I said through tears as we attempted to hold the yoga stretch despite deep belly laughs. 


I was in a session with a client of three years. Our sessions are always filled with peace and laughs. In this session, Yoga being a simple medium for soul therapy. 


“Don’t worry. I’m just confused.” John had said, chuckling as he struggled through the transition into a new yoga pose. 


When I met John, he couldn’t touch his feet in any way, shape or form. Over the years it has been amazing to see the progress his 50 something year old body has made. He is a true testament to the fact that our bodies and beings are plastic and mold to how we treat and care for them. 


I could see the peace and bliss in his eyes as he wiped the tears of laughter from his cheeks. In these moments my heart overflows, when I can see my work is done–bringing good feelings and joy into people’s lives for even just a moment. 


“It is really wonderful you make this time for self care despite your busy schedule.” I lovingly affirmed, knowing John was off to Moscow in a few days for work. Over the years I have observed that no matter how busy his schedule is, he always manages to squeeze in sessions of self care. 


“Yes. The government wanted to schedule a 4PM call, but thankfully they agreed to my 5:30PM suggestion so I could make our session.”


To me, John is a super human. Not only is he one of the most financially successful people I know, but he has the life balance too. From a beautiful caring wife, to a wonderful family of four children in top private schools. He is still very close to his parents and siblings. He has a ton of friends. He is a partner at a top law firm in the country. 


Did I also mention that John also has a ton of hobbies? From various sports and travel, art and music, versed in classic literature too. He rides his bike for miles when he gets away to his beach house on the weekends. He loves to dine out and is a delicious cook. And in his own way he maintains a spiritual side. 


I am always impressed by him. 


He is also open to new experiences. I’ll never forget his amazement after our first energy healing session together. “I haven’t been able to lift my arm like this since my twenties!” he gushed as he shared about the rejuvenation he experienced in his injured shoulder.  I’ve taken him to raw organic places where he has loved the medicinal smoothies and shots, exclaiming, “I’ll be back here!”


After guiding him through a brief journey of conscious relaxation, I closed the session with us sending love, compassion and happiness out into the world. I opened my eyes to see a content smiling man. 


“That was great.” he said peacefully. “Now I’ll be nice and relaxed for my 5:30PM call when I have to tell my client he may lose his five billion dollar deal.”