Cleaning – The Spiritual & Practical Importance

Cleaning is SO important.  
No. Really. I can’t stress it enough.
I’m not just talking about physical cleaning of our homes and bodies. 
I’m also talking about emotional, mental and energetic cleaning too. 
Our health, happiness, well being and the realization of all we wish to experience and do in this life depends on it too.


Most people I work with who are depressed or down or not living a life they love experience a major transformation when they take time to do some cleaning of their mind, body, soul and life. 


What cleanliness reveals…

If you look at your life, how is it? Can you see which areas are organized? Both figuratively speaking and literally. Is your room organized? What about your kitchen cabinets and closet. Your work?

Your external world is a reflection of your internal world. If you’re tidy, intentional and organized on the outside, it’s likely that your thoughts and process for executing things in the world are too. 

Hoarders are extreme examples of when the internal world is reflected in the external world. They have a really hard time with letting go. Many times a past trauma has created this sense of not being able to let go. In their life it presents as not being able to throw anything away. Some can’t even throw garbage away. 

There is a spectrum as to how patterns can physically present in our lives. 

The good news is we can clean the outside (our physical environment) as a way of cleaning the inside. 


The physical act of cleaning…

One of the reasons I love living part time in Damanhur Community is because I’ve learned so much there. Some things I had already intuited, but in Damanhur, we are actually putting it all into practice. One pillar of our life in Damanhur is cleanliness. It’s a big part of the culture. 

Everyday, someone cleans the house–sweeping and mopping the floors, making sure all the dishes are done, taking out the trash, etc. We take turns. 

Weekly we clean the bathrooms, windows, fridge, etc. 

At the change of seasons, a BIG cleaning is done where we move the furniture, oven, clean the tops of the cabinets and all those corners you never usually get to.

And then we even check on each other to make sure it has been done to a proper standard.


Why so much emphasis on cleaning?

We feel that what we clean on the outside we are cleaning within us.  Cleaning is a spiritual work. It’s an inside job really.



From a spiritual perspective…

Personally, I find cleaning to be humbling. I was used to hiring a cleaning lady to clean my space, but then when I moved to Damanhur, there was no cleaning lady. I was one of the cleaning ladies. I was on the schedule to clean the bathroom just like everyone else. Scrubbing a toilet is a really good check for the ego.

We also think and process emotions and situations when we are cleaning. 
We come into great insights when we clean. 
Don’t believe me? Try it. 
You really move through emotional crap when you clean. 
It's like the cleaner you scrub the floor, the more gunk you're rubbing off your heart.
It also feels really good when you finish because you accomplished something.


From an energetic standpoint…

It’s important to clean up situations in our life too. It’s good to close doors and end situations in a formal way to complete them. This creates space for new things to come in. Consciously closing chapters and cleansing things from our lives is important to let go of the old and invite in the new.

Cleaning your mind is important too

Thoughts create emotions. If we have a lot of emotional instability, negative thoughts or “baggage” from the past weighing us down, it’s obviously NOT healthy and it prevents us from living a life we love.
Based on how this reality works, when our thoughts are “down, it’s challenging to receive goodness when we aren’t an energetic match for that goodness.
Any limiting thoughts we have NEED to go because they are creating obstacles in our lives that are NOT serving us to receive all we desire and deserve. 


Body detoxing and cleansing…

Seems obvious right? How many of you have ever done a detox? Have you ever intentionally cleaned your intestines? If you’re still eating processed foods and have never altered your food intake for the sake of caring for your digestive organs, your body will be so grateful if you do so. The cleaner your your body, the more receptive you are to your environment and to life in general and the easier it is to create a life you love. 


Cleansing for the Soul…

Think of relationships as the soul connections in our lives. Have you energetically cleared people from your life in a loving kind way? Every person you ever slept with is tied to you unless you have consciously released them from your energy field. 

What about your aura? Just like you brush your teeth everyday to rid the remnants of all the foods you grazed that day to prevent damage to your physical teeth, the same is true for your energy field in relation to your physical body. You need to regularly clean your energetic field as a form of prevention from disease. Wherever you went on any given day and whomever you hugged, you likely exchanged energy. 

Ever feel off and not sure why? A good energy cleaning is the answer!



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