The Benefit of Going Off-Grid

Every now and then on this journey of life finding a moment to stop and smell the roses is necessary. In other words–giving ourselves permission to go off-grid. Turn off the phone. Shut down the computer. Unplug from everyday life and give ourselves permission to just be and enjoy the present moment, the simple moments.


Life is a rich experience if we allow it to be. In the awareness of the simple moments we most fully enjoy the breath of life... 


This Memorial Day holiday I took a day to go completely off grid. No cell phone. Away from city life. No electricity or running water (a bit extreme but worth it). We drove east of Los Angeles to beautiful natural hot springs–a treasure tucked away in the desert of California. Just us and Nature. We camped out, relaxed in the warm sulfur pools, admired the stars and trekked the trails. I've found a new appreciate ad zest for life–work, relationships, creations and love.


Giving ourselves permission to power off our phones and computers is one of the greatest medicines we can gift ourselves.


As I looked up at the crescent moon and the nocturnal star-filled sky, the crickets and ducks serenaded my reflections on life. It was a simple and yet beautiful moment of soaking up the natural sulfur hot springs and just being.


Before going off-grid I hadn’t had a full day off without posting or anything work related in over a month. Just one day was enough to ignite a new flame of passion for doing. Now I feel energized and ready to hit the grind.



When we take a breather from the business and busy-ness of life, we can relax and rejuvenate. With a moment to reflect on life, we can really appreciate what’s thriving in our lives and what’s not. Evaluating how we spend our time, energy and resources allows us to refocus our efforts in a way that brings us the most happiness and fulfillment. 


We are meant to enjoy life. Love life. This is our birthright as humans, and is available to each and everyone of us. 


Amidst this time of just being in the healing sanctuary of Nature much is evoked within. Reflecting on life. Listening to the whispers of the heart, the mission of the soul, having time to integrate all of the happenings of life and from this removed point of view feeling called to what’s next. 


When we go off-grid, we discover more of what we are grateful for. We fill with new ideas and inspirations, and it keeps the magic of life alive.


Even for myself–someone who goes off grid at least a few times a year–I am inspired each and every time with even more work ideas and ways to create. Indeed I practice what I teach. I receive the material for writing, sharing and teaching when I take time away from the electromagnetic wave fields of modern cities and the stress of to do lists. Having so stimulus from technology can overwhelm the senses and squash any space for inspiration and innovation to come through. 


Over the years I have placed much emphasis on this time of going off-grid to Nature, away from our everyday lives as a way to enhance our lives. I feel it is so important that a big part of my work, in the form of structured retreats, focuses on this. Not everyone is capable of guiding themselves to these spaces of stillness reflections in connection to Nature. The cell phone is one such an addiction that has made it nearly impossible for people to be with themselves–their thoughts, their feelings, their emotions, etc. 


I share this gentle reminder to invite you to go to Nature and retreat from the business of life into rest, relaxation, stillness and listen to the guidance within.


I also invite you to join me for a guided retreat in Italy this July to connect more deeply with Nature and your soul. The one I hosted in Damanhur Community in May was so life changing for those who attended, I felt it was important to offer this opportunity again. More details: