Your way isn’t right, but neither is mine...

One aspect of personal development is about taking responsibility for our life and actions. It’s also about opening our minds and hearts to other ways of thinking, living and being. 

Each one of us is a product of the family we were born into, as well as the culture and city we grew up in. Education, jobs and life experience also play a role in how we view the world. What seems normal to one person could be totally foreign to another. Who’s to say who’s right and who’s wrong?

You know how some people love to drink milk with their dinner, others of us find this totally gross. Or how Italians eat fruit after their meals, where this is completely contra to Ayurvedic eating principles. To each their own. Allow people to do what makes them happy and be happy for them.

Meeting someone much different from ourselves is a gift. It adds richness to our lives in the form of new ideas and different logics to solve problems or approach situations. What a boring world it would be if we were all the same. 

What’s interesting about human nature is that many people feel threatened when they meet someone much different than them. Many people take it personally and even feel attacked when someone disagrees with them. Perhaps a different response could be one of curiosity with a desire to understand why the other person feels the way they do as an opportunity for learning and expanding one’s horizons. 

Traveling the world, having lived in two countries at once and even having lived in a home with people from 8 different countries was one of the greatest educations I ever received in compassion and personal development. There’s great satisfaction and love to be felt when a solution is co-created to meet everyone’s needs. 

I find this is one of the reasons many people reach out to me when they are having challenges in their relationships or workplace, or are going through a transition time, they can feel I have an expanded perspective on situations because of my life experience and the way I see the world.

It’s never about who’s right or wrong. Technically everyone is right if we view the situation from their limited view point on the situation, which is centered around their understanding and the conditioning from which they came. Everyone is operating from the best space they can in every moment. 

What if instead our goal was how can we better understand each other, what’s the solution for the greatest harmony where everyone feels seen, heard and supported. Imagine a home, a relationships, a job, a world like that. It’s possible. I do my best co-create my life this way and guide those I work with to do the same. 

If you’re looking for support through a challenging relationship or situation, or you’re ready for major change for the better in your life. I’m here for you! I currently have two spots available for my 3 month coaching program. Remember, everyone deserves to feel great and live a life they love–it’s our birthright–no need to settle for anything. Contact me at to learn more.