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What rules are you playing by? Elevate Your Existence.

There are countless ways to see and make sense of reality. That’s what every philosophy, religion and spirituality attempts to do. The key to succeeding at this game of life is finding a set of rules that resonates most with you and playing by those rules. Of course at any time someone can come along and completely change your mind.

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Your way isn’t right, but neither is mine...

One aspect of personal development is about taking responsibility for our life and actions. It’s also about opening our minds and hearts to other ways of thinking, living and being. Each one of us is a product of the family we were born into, as well as the culture and city we grew up in. Education, jobs and life experience also play a role in how we view the world. What seems normal to one person could be totally foreign to another. Who’s to say who’s right and who’s wrong?

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