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Why you NEED to be yourself

It seems kind of obvious right? Be yourself. This is one of those cliche phrases that you hear over and over and it seems so obvious. But are you really embodying it? Anytime we hold back from expressing what we are living, experiencing or feeling in any moment, we are NOT being ourselves. It takes courage to be ourselves. Consciously or subconsciously fear of rejection is the most common reason behind us not being ourselves. We think the other person won’t like us. 

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Why it’s important to give YOURSELF a gift.

The foundation of all relationships is the relationship we have with ourselves. How we treat ourselves is the standard for how others will treat us. The time spent purchasing gifts for our loved ones is just as important as the time we give ourselves. The balance to which this occurs is a reflection of our self love. What we desire from another, we must give to ourselves first. 

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A Secret to a Magnificent Life

We laughed and laughed. “That was the best line ever!” I said through tears as we attempted to hold the yoga stretch despite deep belly laughs. I was in a session with a client of three years. Our sessions are always filled with peace and laughs. In this session, Yoga being a simple medium for soul therapy. “Don’t worry. I’m just confused.” John had said, chuckling as he struggled through the transition into a new yoga pose. 

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