The Second Step to Living Your Dreams

This blogpost is the second in the eight part series about my experience with Damanhur community’s 8 Quests to Spiritual Freedom. 


Spiritual Freedom, as Falco Tarassaco called it, can also be translated into the more commonly known state of Enlightenment. What I recently realized is that Spiritual Freedom is also synonymous with Living Your Dreams. 


When we are enlightened or spiritually free we can easily live our dreams. When this happens our heart is aligned with our words, actions, thoughts and creations. When we understand and embody the heart-mind connection, we can act in accordance with our thoughts and feelings to create a life we love. We are able to create the exact reality we wish to experience. Reaching this state means living our purpose. We are happy. We are fulfilled. 


As shared in the first blogpost of this series, the first step to living our dreams is ACTION. We must act in order to live. Every choice is an action. 


To manifest anything into physical reality it takes more than one action. To live our dreams we must continue to act. 


Continuity of action is the second step to living our dreams. 


Integrity is also a big part of this quest. This quest is connected to the Hall of Spheres in Damanhur's Temple of Humankind. The building of this temple in Damanhur is a perfect example of this second quest. Even today action is taken everyday to continue to build and refine this magnificent spiritual creation of art and healing. 


In order to get anything accomplished in life, spiritual or not, we must act and continue to act. It doesn’t matter if we suddenly feel like we don’t want to. We must live in integrity.


Imagine if today I decided I didn’t feel like continuing to share my experience of the quests with you? What would that do to my practice and credibility? If I chose to not continue on with my promise, I would not be able to do the work that I love to do so much, which is supporting people in awakening, healing and living their dreams. 


If we say we are going to do something, it is best we do it. It is important that our actions match our words. This is a measure of how reliable we are. 


Walking the talk and following through with our words is how we create a life we love and create a world we wish to see around us. If our words and actions do not match, the universe gets confused. It is best for our words and actions to be in alignment in order to receive the goodness we ask for and deserve. Not being in integrity creates a mess in our lives on many levels. 


When we don’t follow through with our words and actions, we don't feel free or happy. It’s like going to the gym or beginning a meditation practice. The action is done once or twice and then stopped. This lack of follow through brings up feelings that don't feel so good. We don't feel enlightened. When we fail to follow through with action, we don't find the peace or rejuvenation we were searching for with the meditation or exercise. 


By continuing to do the actions we promise ourselves (such as with new year resolutions), we begin to see ourselves and the world around us transform. By doing what we say we are going to do we sculpt our existence into what we want it to be. Instead of becoming a victim to life, we become the creator.  


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