An MD Specializing in Energy

Healing is something we can consciously choose to experience, either guided by ourselves or another, when we wish to alleviate, enhance or change something within or around us.

When we experience healing, we evolve, becoming healthier and wiser.

The imperfections and dis-ease we experience in life are signals as to where we need to pay more attention, aka where we need healing.


When I was a practicing as a western medical doctor, I was eager to cure. I thought pills and topical creams were the answer. I was wrong. They weren’t–they are bandaids. I also observed that many create dependency, imbalance and side effects. 

I realized that treatment and healing must happen in the energy field for TRUE cure to be achieved. 

I also realized that REAL prevention of disease and optimization of functioning happens through energetic hygiene and enhancement, which can be achieved through a multitude of ways–and this is what I now specialize in. 


After my travels around the world, continued education through trainings, certifications, and apprenticeships with various healers and modalities, personal experiences and the awakening of energy healing abilities, this intuition regarding energy and disease has been validated through countless patients, clients and scenarios.

Everything is energy–thoughts, words, actions, experiences, relationships, situations, food, etc. Everything is a form of energy. Energy blocks, baggage, distortions, and even other peoples' energy and energy that is not yours, can all create disease, illness, conflict, depression, suffering and everything else that is imperfect in life from physical to situational circumstances. 

And this provide opportunities for healing and growth.

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Sometimes I feel like I’m operating from the future because current technology has yet to measure and explain how energy healing works. Despite the fact that energetic health is the foundation of most ancient healing modalities including Chinese Medicine, these concepts seem foreign to many people. Until you have your own experience it may be difficult to believe. 

But it’s happening. More and more people are awakening to the fact that we are not only a physical and mental body, but we also have an energetic body that is the blueprint for who and what we are, live and experience.


How we feel is a reflection of our energy. Our life is a reflection of our energy. 

How is your energy? How is life?


Whether you work with me via in person or online sessions or classes, or whether you work with another energy practitioner, I HIGHLY recommend you schedule regular energy healing and cleansing sessions. I also HIGHLY recommend you learn practices that care for your energetic body. This WILL change your life for the better in every way. Just like you brush your teeth and wipe your bottom, your aura needs some TLC too. 

For those of you in NYC, I’m here seeing patients through April 23. For those of you anywhere else in the world, energy is independent of time and space, so I’m always available for online sessions, which are equally as powerful.

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