Holidays are a Spiritual Practice

The true essence of holidays is to connect us with our hearts and our spirituality. Though disguised as religious celebrations, the holidays are really a time to celebrate our humanity. The holidays provide the space to come together and love each other. For some this may be really easy, for others it can be challenging–nonetheless a gift if we choose to see it as so. 


The holidays are a time to practice our spiritual and the virtues of what it means to be a “good” person. To be a “good” person is to embody the loving, kind and compassionate creatures we are at the core of our being. We are divine love. We are the divine light of Christ. 


Time together with family is the perfect spiritual gym to see how far we have come in our spiritual evolution. Our families are our teachers for this lifetime (and likely past and future ones too). Though friends come and go, family remains for we are deeply connected to them physically (our DNA) and energetically even if some choose not to communicate with them. We incarnated with out family because we have karma with them. We can do our best to forgive and heal the karma to foster more love and peace in this life. Or we can bring it with us into the next life.


Spending time with family is the perfect test in patience, love and compassion.

Are we able to keep our center when someone says something hurtful? Are we able to open to keep loving even if we feel judged? Are we able to be the example of love we wish to see in all of our relations? We don’t need anyone else change. By doing the work on ourselves to shift into a greater space of love, it positively affects all of those around us.


Another spiritual practice present during the holidays is the act of giving. If we connect with the core of gift gifting, it doesn’t have to be a materialistic thing. It can actually be a time to practice our generosity and ability to give without expecting anything in return. In order to receive we must give. The cycle of receiving begins with giving. We must give what we wish to receive, both to ourselves and to/from others. 


A gift is not about the cash value, but rather about the time, energy and thought put into the process of making or buying such a token of love and appreciation for another. When we consider the enhancing effects an item will have on someone else’s life, gifting can become an act of healing. 


If there is financial challenge, gifts can be made. Handmade gifts are more alive and healing because they contain more love from all the thought, intention and presence that went into their creation. As long as we have positive intentions and feel good about the gifts we are giving, we can be sure our gifts will illuminate the lives of others. 


This holidays season I send divine love, healing and light to you and all of your relations. May you connect with your heart and the infinite loving part of who you truly are.